Rest is important

Why We Need To Rest

When I saw American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from her Olympic events, I learned an important lesson. Even the toughest of us require time to heal, rest, and refuel. So, as the summer months draw to a close and the desire to step up the pace calls, I am actively

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Can Procrastination Hurt You? And how to Overcome It?

Procrastination is a destroyer of dreams, hopes and life. Too many individuals suffer from poor health, low income, and a sense of abandonment because of procrastinating on tasks that could have propelled them ahead. In this article, we will cover 5 areas that procrastination harms you in, and we will

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Self doubt

Stop Underestimating Yourself. No More Self Doubt.

Stop underestimating yourself, it kills you slowly. It’s natural to have certain fears, especially as a person venturing into an unfamiliar area. But don’t fall into the habit of underestimating yourself since it will keep you from realizing your full potential. If any of the following statements apply to you,

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Wake up early

Why Waking Up Early Is Good ? And How to Do It?

For many successful people, waking up early is the key to productivity. People who get things done, from athletes to physicians, encourage getting up early since it offers you a head start on the day and more time to do errands or work. Getting up early, may seem challenging, but

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Financial habits

Healthy Financial Habits For 2022

Personal finance is a sensitive topic to discuss in public. Well, not anymore. It is now a major topic across social media and the news. You will come across doom pieces on the global economy still struggling, leaving you wondering where to get your next meal. Things may look grim

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Top skills

Top Skills To Get A Job in 2022.

How many interviews calls do you have this year? If your answer is none, you are competing against 220 million others globally. A 2021 UN report on SDG-8 puts global unemployment at 6.5%, a rise of 1.1% from the previous year. The numbers look alarming and may cause you to lose hope.

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Should you Let Bygones be Bygones?

Earlier today, my friend and I were chilling in the house, binging on some TV program concerning mummies. As the commercials came on (they take forever on this channel), we decided to engage in some random banter. The focus was to understand if you should let bygones be bygones. The

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lady at desk with computer

Is Hybrid Working Worth It?

Did you know you can determine historical periods with buzzwords? For example, the information superhighway refers to 1990, and blockchain dates back to around 2009. Currently, the world is buzzing about hybrid working. You will hear it in one-to-one conversations or come across it on social media. However, the information

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When is pivoting a good idea?

You will face challenging times as you go through life. The statement rings true regardless of your upbringing. For example, the split between Bill and Melinda is no different from Ralph’s in the projects. Both are still divorcees at the end of the day. How they will pick themselves up

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