Is Hybrid Working Worth It?

Did you know you can determine historical periods with buzzwords? For example, the information superhighway refers to 1990, and blockchain dates back to around 2009. Currently, the world is buzzing about hybrid working. You will hear it in one-to-one conversations or come across it on social media.

However, the information you encounter may be inaccurate since everyone is playing expert. Here is all you need to know about hybrid working to spare you tons of misinformation. As you keep reading, you will discover its definition, why it is so popular, and how you can succeed in it. So let the knowledge transfer begin.

The Hybrid Working Definition.

Hybrid working refers to a working model where your employer offers you a flexible work schedule. Below are the flexibilities available to you:

Work location

You can work remotely, on-site, or combine the two within your workweek. However, your employer can limit your options depending on your role. For example, you may have to be on-site to attend critical customer meetings.

Working hours

Hybrid working allows you to choose work timings when you are most productive. It deviates from the typical 9 to 5 schedule, meaning you can stagger your hours provided you meet the minimum daily requirement. For example, you can work from 7 am to 11 am and resume from 2 pm to 6 pm.   

Companies are free to create unique hybrid working models, but the above is the broad definition.

Why Is Hybrid Working So Popular?

Organizations have been experimenting with the model since 2020 to stay operational during lockdowns. Despite most countries relaxing these measures, employers and employees continue to embrace the work model. Some of their reasons include:

A happier workforce.

Hybrid working results in a happier workforce, according to the findings of a 2020 Harvard Business Review study. The lack of a manager hovering over you and unnecessary team meetings are the top reasons respondents want the work model. In addition, the hybrid model offers better work satisfaction rates because tasks are a personal choice. 

It allows for a healthy work-life balance.

The model allows you to manage time between work and family. A flexible work schedule allows you to attend to personal issues without the need for lengthy approvals. 25.7% of respondents from a 2020 slack study reported an improved work-life balance since adopting the hybrid model.

Companies save on operation costs.

Your company can reinvest in other ventures since most of the workforce is off-site. In addition, employers save on rent and utilities by offloading unnecessary office space. A McKinsey Research report estimates real estate savings of 30% for organizations that use the hybrid working model.

It increases profitability.

Finally, employers using the hybrid model effectively can increase their profitability. Remote working allows them to hire talent globally, significantly expanding their operations. Furthermore, they can operate non-stop, given the flexible work timings the work model offers.

Ways to Optimize Your Success in Hybrid Working.

The 2021 World index Report shows that 66% of employers and 70% of workers are for the new work model. The figures confirm that hybrid working will soon become commonplace, meaning competition for employment will be high. Here are the top three ways to optimize your success in hybrid working:

It is your output that matters.

Your success will depend on your output. Therefore, always look for avenues that will improve your work quality. For example, you can take a course on augmented reality to increase your employability. Additionally, ensure you keep practicing to increase your skill level. After all, elite athletes are constantly training during the season.

Enhance your communication skills.

Are you familiar with asynchronous communication? It is communication where responses are not immediate. The hybrid work teams mostly rely on it to collaborate, with Slack and Twist being the platforms of choice. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with their functions will improve your chances of success.

Ensure consistency.

Finally, determine your most productive schedule and abide by it. As such, your work quality and productivity remain consistent. Additionally, establish a functional workstation at your home and communicate the guidelines to your family members. As a result, you will be free of unnecessary distractions and can produce your best work.

Despite its infancy, hybrid working will soon become the norm. The above information provides you a head start to succeed in this new work model. For information on your career and personal development, why not check out Zone of Genius. 

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