Young female professional with a passivepreneur mindset

The Passivepreneur – Brian Page Reveals the New Kind of Wealth Builder

When was the last time you felt burned out or worked until you nearly dropped? Could there be a better way to build wealth that doesn’t cost your health, relationships, or decades of slaving away in a job you hate? In Don’t Start a Side Hustle, Brian Page reveals the passivepreneur—a new kind of wealth builder paving the way for a life rich in time and money.

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A girl sitting on the window reliving her traumatic stresses

How to Transform Traumatic Stress (Or How to Unwind Trauma and Thrive)

We all can become lost in the forest of life struggles, entangled in unconscious stress, threat, and fear patterns. We lose sight of what matters most as we forget who we are or who we are meant to become. Then, we become alienated from our innate nature and ties to this sacred earth, we feel orphaned from our sense of belonging. 

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Man trying to boost productivity by saying no to tasks

Time Management Tips That Can Boost Productivity in Your Business

Time management can boost productivity in both your life and your business. This is true for entrepreneurs, project managers, and business owners. Individuals who take care of their family and still run a business are not excluded.
Learning how to boost productivity and focus helps you get important tasks done. In this post, find out about ten things to avoid to help you get jobs done faster and efficiently.

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7 Secrets for Staying Positive when Life Sucks

Staying positive is hard when you’ve had multiple setbacks, terrible luck, or when things aren’t going your way despite your best efforts. It’s natural to think: my life sucks. What can you do when that happens? In this article, I will share some secrets that can help you when you’ve

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Successful life

Seven Tips for a Successful Life

In today’s world, success plays a very important part in life. Do you know what a successful life is? It’s a satisfaction of what you have in your life or what you are doing. To be successful in life, we make goals and efforts to achieve these goals. Writing out

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Abundance or poverty mindset

Abundance Or Poverty Mindset?

In a particular way, our mindset determines and shapes our reality. Quite a number of people have heard or read about the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert explained how his two dads shaped his thoughts about money, mindset, and investing. It shows us how powerful our

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Weakness into strength

How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strength

People have vast differences in their personalities, skills, and abilities. Obviously, these differences make us who we are, but no one wants to have the latter when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses are subjective notions, but you can turn them around and use them to your advantage. Here

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hybrid gym

What Is a Hybrid Gym Membership?

Yeah! Everything is hybrid now, even your gym membership. As the world continues to recover, you will witness changes to your lifestyle. However, this piece focuses on the current innovations in the fitness industry, their benefits, and what to expect. So, what is a hybrid gym membership? A hybrid gym

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Failure to success

Failure Can Lead You To A Successful Career

People in our society tend to view failure in a negative light. The most obvious example is in schools where students are discouraged from getting failing grades. In the real world, on the other hand, failure can be a good thing. Think about Thomas Edison. In reaction to a query

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