What Is a Hybrid Gym Membership?

hybrid gym

Yeah! Everything is hybrid now, even your gym membership. As the world continues to recover, you will witness changes to your lifestyle. However, this piece focuses on the current innovations in the fitness industry, their benefits, and what to expect. So, what is a hybrid gym membership?

A hybrid gym membership lets you engage your local fitness center in person or virtually. You can attend a workout on-site or watch the live stream. Furthermore, you can access on-demand services like diet plans and virtual coaching with an active hybrid gym membership. 

The service dates back to 2020 during the global lockdown and continues to gain popularity today. Keep reading to discover the rationale behind it.

Reasons Gyms Offer a Hybrid Gym Membership.

Each fitness service provider has its reasons. However, the below are the most common:

To Diversify Their Revenue Streams.

Despite vaccinations being readily available, people are still wary of exercising on-site. Therefore, offering the service enables the gym to earn through online sources. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram are the preferred platforms, given the number of active users.

Time Efficiency.

Brick and mortar gyms have set operating times, limiting attendance and the trainer’s activity. However, they can engage larger audiences and offer on-demand sessions continuously when online.

It is the industry standard.

A study by The Business Research Company currently values the online fitness industry at $16.15 billion compared to $11.39 billion last year. Additionally, some fitness centers now offer their patrons virtual reality (VR) services. As such, service providers who fail to adapt risk bankruptcy.

The above are solid reasons for gyms to offer you a hybrid gym membership, but is it worth it? 

Benefits Of Having a Hybrid Gym Membership.

Some of the benefits you get with this membership are:

Train as per your schedule.

It is now a fact that regular exercise makes you a better person. Therefore, you need to avail the service whenever possible. These memberships give you the flexibility to train as per your schedule.

You avoid judgment from others.

There is always that patron that wants to outdo you when training. Having the membership shields you from this since you can train solo at your pace, without unnecessary competition.

It lowers your injury risk levels.

Online fitness centers offer hundreds of on-demand services with their memberships. As such, you can select training regimens within your level or have custom sessions with a trainer. Regardless, you are less injury-prone because you progress as per your capabilities.

Now that you are clear on what this membership type entails, what is your excuse for not exercising?     

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