Can Procrastination Hurt You? And how to Overcome It?


Procrastination is a destroyer of dreams, hopes and life. Too many individuals suffer from poor health, low income, and a sense of abandonment because of procrastinating on tasks that could have propelled them ahead.

In this article, we will cover 5 areas that procrastination harms you in, and we will see how we can overcome it.

  1. Losing Precious Time
    The hardest part about procrastination is realizing that you’ve aged two, five, or 10 years and nothing has changed. This is a dreadful sensation since you can’t turn the clock back; you can only live with the hopeless feeling of regret and stress.
  2. Not Meeting Goals
    We create objectives because we want to make a difference in our life in some manner. If you don’t do it because you’re procrastinating, you’re limiting your opportunities to improve your life.
  3. Ruining a Career
    You may be unable to fulfill deadlines or accomplish your monthly goals due to procrastination. And this will might miss out promotions or perhaps even losing your job.
  4. Making Poor Decisions
    One of the most serious consequences of procrastination is poor decision-making. When you procrastinate, you make judgments based on factors that would not be there if you didn’t postpone, and you feel the pressure to make a decision as soon as possible since time is running out.
  5. Damage to Your Reputation
    When you continually promising you’ll do something and then don’t, it tarnishes your reputation, since no one appreciates empty promises. You are harming your own reputation as well as your self-esteem and confidence.

How to Overcome Procrastination?

Begin with challenging tasks
To put your best foot forward, fill your mornings with attentiveness, inventiveness, and willpower. Begin with the difficult tasks first, completing them in the first half of the time, and then moving on to the easier ones.

Manage distractions
Being focused could curtail the effects of Procrastination on your life and help you be a better version. Get disconnected from social media, emails, and notifications for a while and concentrate on a single task. Procrastination effects and time management are co-related, and you need to cut off the distractions to manage them. 

Completion is vital than perfection
Procrastination might occur when you try to be a perfectionist. It’s pointless to spend hours perfecting something if the delivery is late. To overcome this obstacle and its harmful impacts, plan, prioritize, and complete.

Keep track of things
Rather of choosing tasks at random, it is preferable to locate the most important items first for a better productivity. Procrastination’s impacts should not be overlooked. Examine the assignments and make every effort to finish them without causing stress to your mind or body. Allow for a flow of work with a relative concentration on all tasks.

Final Thoughts

Procrastination may be harmful in a variety of ways: it can make you unhappy in life, make you less productive, damage your relationships, and so on. It might also be a symptom of other difficulties that you need to address if you want to make progress in your life.

To solve this problem, stop striving and start using cognitive behavioral therapy. After finishing all your work on time, you will soon notice a separate character of yourself and have adequate self-time to refresh your thoughts!

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