When is pivoting a good idea?

You will face challenging times as you go through life. The statement rings true regardless of your upbringing. For example, the split between Bill and Melinda is no different from Ralph’s in the projects. Both are still divorcees at the end of the day. How they will pick themselves up determines if the decision has merit.

How often have you found yourself plugging on despite the odds proving otherwise? Globally, there are thousands facing the same circumstances. Rather than judging them, you should dig deeper into the underlying reasons. Only then can you offer a viable solution and help them overcome this vicious cycle. Some examples are as below. There is also some information on where to seek help for good measure.

What is pivoting?

Before delving into the signs, you need to understand the definition of pivoting. Pivoting is the act of changing the usual routine and adapting it to suit your current situation. It cuts across several spectrums, including your personal life, your business, and even nature.

The last one may seem off, but here is an example. Every year you anticipate seeing seals basking by the local beach each summer. However, they no longer come since the cruise ships started docking there. This behavior change is an example of pivoting.

Tell-tale signs of when it is ideal to pivot.

Now that you are up to speed on what it means, it is time to look at when you should consider switching gears.

Your friends are rapidly leaving you.

It is usual for you to lose friends in your lifetime. There are valid reasons for this, such as moving away or upgrading to a different social class. However, the nature of the loss is what makes this a sign. If you quickly drop from a group of 20 to two, it is time to investigate. It gets worse if most of them are your ride or dies.

Instead of bad-mouthing them on social media, look at the preceding events to determine the sudden change. This analysis will help you better understand the situation and lead you to rekindle your relationships.

You no longer find joy in your hustle.

Aside from your qualifications, having a passion for what you do will bring positive results. Things go awry very quickly once you lose one of them. Numerous stories exist of people who were once at the top of their game but are now shadows of their former selves. Depression, past trauma, drug addiction, and immoral behavior stem from a loss of passion for what you do.

It does not mean that you cannot remedy the situation, far from it. After all, Tiger Woods is back to his winning ways after a stint of questionable behavior. However, if you find the solutions are not working, it is time to look the other way.

The word on the street is.

Do you ever wonder why you have two ears and one mouth? To yap less and hear more. If your closest confidants are constantly offering suggestions for you to switch, take this to heart, buddy. It gets worse when the same advice comes from people you do not necessarily consider close. Your parents, spouse, and friends can tolerate you. But, a total stranger sharing this is a clear sign of something wrong. Look for remedial ways to mitigate the situation before things blow over.

Is there help available?

Yes, there is. If any of the situations above applies to you, there are systems where you can seek help. In addition, many governments now recognize mental health as a valid health issue. Consequently, both public and private institutions offer services to help you overcome. An excellent place to start is searching online for these services in your area.


As there are canyons and mountains, so is the trajectory of life. As it rains torrentially in your area, the sun is shining somewhere. Similarly, a down now does not mean a forever out. A helping hand is ready to help you when you need it most.

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