Should you Let Bygones be Bygones?

Earlier today, my friend and I were chilling in the house, binging on some TV program concerning mummies. As the commercials came on (they take forever on this channel), we decided to engage in some random banter. The focus was to understand if you should let bygones be bygones.

The Duel Begins

Why should you travel thousands of miles to uncover dead people? Why brave the blazing heat in some desert, only to uncover a pile of bones? It may sound ignorant to pose such questions. However, plenty struggle to make sense of this as well. Furthermore, the best way to acquire knowledge is to ask questions.

 What followed was a look similar to that of the Neanderthal man watching Netflix for the first time. His confusion came from him not understanding why I asked such a question. Yet, I am the one who is constantly on the internet reading. Despite this, my continued persistence was enough to compel him to give me an answer.

Weapons-grade Knowledge Steroids. 

Are you sure your education certificates are legit? Following a confident yes from my end, he explained why you should not let bygones be bygones. 

They provide a blueprint to manage your present.

For society to move forward, it needs to understand the past correctly. Exploring ancient tombs and reconstructing mummies gives you insights into past societies, including their culture, relations, and challenges. You will know where things went wrong and work on solutions to manage similar events at present. 

 For example, the lessons learned from the Spanish flu (1918-1920) form the basis of the current mitigating factors in managing COVID 19. These include social distancing, remote working, and better emergency response. Therefore, your bygones (past experiences) offer a blueprint to manage present situations. You have a clear idea of what works and amplify it to become better personally and professionally.

You can adequately improve your future.

We live in a cyclic world, meaning past events are likely to occur in the future. By using modern technology to explore past events, you uncover more information. Consequently, you can use the findings to prepare more effective solutions to reduce the impact of similar occurrences. Better still, you can eradicate them altogether. For example, understanding the reasons for your loss of employment helps you know the qualities necessary for success in your next job.

You can create multiple action plans.

You grow wiser with each passing day. As such, you get better in your approach to things. By re-examining your bygones, you can develop multiple action plans for the same problem. Initially, mental health was a taboo subject. 

However, with better research tools and analysis of past cases, you can now manage the condition in various ways. For example, you can follow personal development blogs like Zone of Genius or seek help from a board-certified professional. Both are effective action plans for the same challenge.

The Outcome.

What started as a modest way of getting through the commercials ended up being a shot of weapons-grade knowledge steroids. The outcome of the discussion was that regardless of how devasting your past may be, there are still valuable lessons you can learn for the future. Therefore, letting bygones be bygones is not always a good idea.

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