If Biden Bans TikTok, Here Are 5 Things To Do

So there’s buzz that the Biden administration is pressing for TikTok to be sold, due to the United Stations national security concerns about this Chinese owned app.

Don’t just rely on TikTok for your marketing. Yes, it’s a powerful platform that reaches billions of people, but TikTok, nor any other app, should be the biggest foundation of your marketing or sales.

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Ramon Ray with Celebrity CEO

5 Reasons You Should Pay for Twitter Verification

Many celebrities, politicians, and other notables have “blue check marks” on their social accounts. This indicates a “verified account.” Some people who are not famous still have the Twitter verification mark. Social media verification is available to anyone who wants to pay for it and meets specific criteria. It costs

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How To Integrate Your Family Into Your Business

For years I’ve ensured my family has understood my business. Not only have they understood the business, but they’ve travelled with me and observed it up close. My children have been to hotels and stages around the world. It brings your family together by having them understand your business. Also,

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man with head down

How To Not Let Rejection Keep You Down

Recently, I was at a meeting of students who were interested in entrepreneurship. One of the students expressed how she was around people, namely her family, who didn’t support or encourage her. Being around that environment is a powerful mental pressure that can keep you pressed down and discouraged about

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lady at desk with computer

5 Ways To Start Your Business With No Outside Funding

I’ve started 5 companies and sold three of them. All with no outside funding. So many business owners THINK they need to get an investor to start their business, but that’s not the case. Marc Cuban is famed for applauding business owners who ‘boot start’ their businesses and turn their

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person with hands up in the air

The Super Bowl’s 5 Pillars of a Great Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a must. It’s the way your customers FEEL about their interaction with you that makes them want to come back, again and again and tell their friends. Don’t just sell your customers, make them FEEL great. Creating a great customer experience is essential for any business that

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5 Ways To Use AI In Your Business

Yes, Ramon Ray is on the ChatGPT bandwagon. We’ve talked about the power of AI (artificial intelligence) for years. My best advice for business owners, is that large companies will integrated AI into your every day tools. Tools from Zoho, Salesforce, Intuit (Quickbooks) and more are already integrated AI into

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A woman staring out the window

Gut Instinct or Facts. Which One is Best?

One of the most powerful decision-making tools we have is our “gut instinct”. Of course, the decision doesn’t come from our stomachs, but from our combined life experiences, our emotions, and so many other things. These decisions are not based on factual or detailed analysis but on “how we feel”.

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