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Empowering Women to Reimagine Their Money Mindset

Tremaine Wills is on a mission to help 1 million women grow their invested assets to $1 million or more. Although that might sound like a tall order to anyone who isn’t well-versed in personal finance, Wills wants women to know they have the power to take control of their

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What is a VPN and Why Should You Use One.

In today’s digital age where businesses rely heavily on the internet to operate, it is crucial to have a means of securing digital information. One way to do this is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You may have heard of VPNs, but do you know what they are

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Customer Experience: How to Deliver It Well Every Time and Why

When it comes to the success of a business, customer experience is undeniably a critical factor. Accenture reports that 64% of consumers wish companies would respond faster to their evolving needs. From inflation and climate change to social movements, there are various factoring impacting consumes’ lives in unprecedented ways — and

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Why Every Successful Professional Needs a Coach

In the world of corporate leadership, personal growth and impactful leadership often go hand in hand. Angelina Darrisaw, founder of C-Suite Coach, has built her business around this tenet and is on a mission to make leadership coaching accessible to all. In a recent interview with Ramon Ray, she shared

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12 Platforms to Monetize Your Expertise and Content

Top Rated Tools to Monetize Your Content in 2024

You probably have a sellable skill but don’t know how to monetize your content. The good news is that it doesn’t matter what type of content you create; you can sell them. Whether you are a writer, musician, game creator, video creator, podcaster, or instructor, someone is willing to pay

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Copy of Zoho Billing- A Better Flexible Billing Solution For Businesses

Zoho Billing- A Better Flexible Billing Solution For Businesses

Your billing system should adapt to your unique needs. Zoho Billing is here to make that happen. Whether you’re running a subscription-based business or one that focuses on one-time sales, flexibility is essential. Zoho steps in with a user-friendly solution — It offers a comprehensive billing solution that empowers growing

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Owwll App Get’s You Paid To Chat and Be an Expert

In a world where communication often takes the form of text messages and social media chats, Jason Hill, the creator of the Owwll app, had a vision to bring back the power of one-on-one audio conversations. In a recent interview with Ramon Ray, Hill discussed the birth of Owwll, its

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Email Authentication is a Must in 2024-

Email Authentication is a Must in 2024

Google and Yahoo have taken steps to give users a better experience with Email authentication! Email users should expect safe and less spammy emails by 2024. According to Google and Yahoo, bulk senders must authenticate their emails by 2024. Will this be good for email marketers?  Let’s find out the

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