Messy Action is the Way To Content Marketing Success says Jera Bean

Social media trainer and consultant, Jera Bean made the case for how to do content marketing right. There is no right way. Do it the way that works for you and your goals. In today’s fast-paced world, where overnight success stories are the stuff of legend, the idea of slow, messy growth seems counterintuitive.

Yet, as any seasoned entrepreneur or content creator will tell you, consistent growth is a process filled with missteps, unexpected turns, and a lot of messy action.

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The Learning Curve

Jera Bean, in her Social Media Marketing World interview with publisher, Ramon Ray, shared that learning through observation and diverse perspectives is the way to go. She’s a fervent believer that every individual’s path to success starts with a deep well of insights borrowed from others. This isn’t mere imitation; it’s learning the ropes, understanding the why behind the what, and observing how to apply these principles in a unique way. You could call it the education of the proactive and perpetually curious.

Short Vs. Long-Form Content

While the marketing buzz might favor short, snappy content, Jera emphasizes the undervalued power of long form. But why is this? Long-form content, when done right, gives room for depth and authenticity. It’s not about filling space with words, but about providing real value that resonates and builds a lasting connection with the audience. It’s a commitment that shows respect for the consumer’s time and intelligence, ultimately yielding a more invested reader.

Comfort Zones – The Enemy of Growth

Comfort zones are deceptive; they lull us into a false sense of stasis. Jera argues that recognizing and pushing past these zones is pivotal to growth, be it in content creation or entrepreneurship. It’s about finding that balance — stepping into the discomfort where the magic happens but not straying so far that you’re paralyzed by fear.

The Groove That’s Your Own

Finding your groove is not about stumbling upon a method that works; it’s about actively crafting one through consistent trial and error. Jera advocates for a personalized approach that suits your unique energy and strengths. The repetitive grind doesn’t have to be monotonous — find joy in the rhythm that’s your own, the one that gets you in a flow state.

Disruption is the Norm

In the digital landscape, change is the only constant. One day you’re mastering a platform, the next it’s obsolete. Jera urges us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable — to pivot, learn new tools, or even reinvent channels. Agitating the status quo isn’t just something to endure; it’s a mindset to cultivate.

Uncover The Core of Your Brand

It’s not just businesses that have a core; individuals do too. Jera’s principle of uncovering your ‘secret sauce’ is about identifying that one core element that defines your brand. It could be a style of interaction, a commitment to transparency, or a gut intuition for the market. This is your anchor through the storm of trends and fads.

The Messy Part – Taking the First Step

‘Putting yourself out there’ — a phrase often touted but rarely dissected. How, exactly, do you do that? It’s with messy action; the kind that feels uncomfortable, the kind where you learn more from failures than successes. Start before you’re ready, pitch your content to an empty room, and refine as you go.

Confidence Through Fumbling

Building confidence isn’t about eliminating fumbles; it’s about fumbling forward. Jera’s philosophy is about accepting that you’re going to make mistakes, but each one is a lesson that brings you closer to your best work. Contrary to the fear of self-promotion or public scrutiny, it’s about harnessing the fumbles into your progress.

Voice Finding, Not Just Content Creating

Content without a voice is like a body without a soul. It’s the authenticity, the quirks, the personal stories that bring content to life. Jera champions the constant pursuit of your authentic voice, the one that ties your content together, giving it resonance and a unique space in the world.

Take Baby Steps, Not Giant Leaps

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Jera sheds light on the necessity of imperfection and incremental growth. It’s okay not to have all the answers from the start; the important thing is to begin, to take that first baby step towards a body of work that evolves as you do.

Growth Comes from Action

It’s easy to be paralyzed by the seemingly insurmountable distance between you and your goals. But, as Jera reminds us, it’s the accumulation of these small steps that lead to substantial progress. It’s about rewriting that first chaotic blog post, one at a time, until you find your rhythm and voice.

In the end, Jera Bean’s approach underscores the beauty of the chaotic process, the necessary and often undervalued steps that lead to growth that’s not just visible, but deeply rooted. It’s a message that resonates powerfully in a world that idolizes the overnight sensation. In an era where metrics rule our consumption, Jera’s call for authentic learning and consistent, imperfect action reminds us to focus on what really matters — the human connection at the heart of every venture. Your mess is your message, your process is your progress, and your growth is your story.

These insights brought to you by Zoho Social your next social media management platform.

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