A business man in his Zone of genius.

Why You Need To Find Your Zone of Genius: 5 Simple Reasons

Many new business owners run their businesses using only their zone of competence. Some business owners work with their zone of excellence, which often works for their business. However, when you find your zone of genius and apply that flow state in your operations, your business changes for the better.

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New year concept and christmas with business and profit growth report.

Why Should You Increase Sales During the Holidays?

Would you like to increase your sales during this holiday? The holidays are here again, and we love it! Even more for business owners, it’s that time of the year to achieve our yearly goals or new ones. And that’s what this blog post is about. Let’s learn why holiday

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Social Media Schedule Tools: Scheduling Made Easy:

Social Media Schedule Tools: Scheduling Made Easy

Have you considered using a social media scheduling tool for your brand? If so, why?And if not, why? How your audience sees your brand is quite important. Maybe just as important as any other marketing strategy. Therefore, building a social media presence may go a long way in reaching your

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A Robot in a Zoom meeting.

How To Get the Most Out of Zoom AI

Have you heard about the things Zoom AI Companion can do? People have different reservations about AI. However, one thing is for sure: AI has come to stay. If you’ve ever forgotten what was said in a meeting moments after, you might like this one. Basically, Zoom AI Companion is

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Is Substack Worth the Hype? The Pros and Cons.

Is Substack Worth The Hype? Are There Better Alternatives?

Is Sustack worth the hype? Many businesses, content creators, and brands opt for audience-building platforms (Besides social media). Substack is a content creation, newsletter support, and audience-building platform. There’s more about how much you can leverage the features and benefits of Substack. However, tons of platforms support building an audience

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7 Best Digital Business Card Services in 2023

Which Digital Business Card Service Is Best For You?

Which do you prefer, a digital business card or a physical business card? Digital business cards are a modern and interactive way to share your contact information. Think of it as an electronic version of a traditional paper business card but with more features. They are also known as online

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Eventbrite Pricing Changes

Eventbrite Ends Its Free Services: Here’s Why It’s Good

Eventbrite has ended its free services!  Eventbrite has been a go-to platform for event organizers, both big and small, for years. It’s been a lifesaver for small business owners, event hosts, and community organizers. It offered free event registration services that helped bring people together. However, Eventbrite has decided to

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Do You Need More Than Your Zone of Genius- Man holding a business success. card.

Do You Need More Than Your Zone of Genius?

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the term “Zone of Genius” before. Your Zone of Genius is where your natural talents and skills intersect with your passion and purpose. But when running a successful business, is your Zone of Genius enough? Let’s find out! Related: What Is the Zone of Genius?

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Zone of genius - How To Become a Good Leader in Your Business

How To Become a Good Leader in Your Business

Effective leadership skills can help you attract success in and out of your business.  Regardless of the size of any organization or business, leadership is vital. Hence, it can make or break your efforts in starting or growing your business. But what does it take to become a good leader?

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