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7 Best Digital Business Card Services in 2023

Which Digital Business Card Services Is Best For You?

Which do you prefer, a digital business card or a physical business card? Digital business cards are a modern and interactive way to share your contact information. Think of it as an electronic version of a traditional paper business card but with more features. They are also known as online

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Eventbrite Pricing Changes

Eventbrite Ends Its Free Services: Here’s Why It’s Good

Eventbrite has ended its free services!  Eventbrite has been a go-to platform for event organizers, both big and small, for years. It’s been a lifesaver for small business owners, event hosts, and community organizers. It offered free event registration services that helped bring people together. However, Eventbrite has decided to

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Do You Need More Than Your Zone of Genius- Man holding a business success. card.

Do You Need More Than Your Zone of Genius?

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the term “Zone of Genius” before. Your Zone of Genius is where your natural talents and skills intersect with your passion and purpose. But when running a successful business, is your Zone of Genius enough? Let’s find out! Related: What Is the Zone of Genius?

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Zone of genius - How To Become a Good Leader in Your Business

How To Become a Good Leader in Your Business

Effective leadership skills can help you attract success in and out of your business.  Regardless of the size of any organization or business, leadership is vital. Hence, it can make or break your efforts in starting or growing your business. But what does it take to become a good leader?

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A business man in his Zone of genius.

Why You Need To Find Your Zone of Genius: 5 Simple Reasons

Discovering your flow can help you build your business smoothly! What type of flow are we talking about?Do you enjoy watching movies where the business owners work at their best, get good results, and are super creative? It seems incredible and so unreal, but it can happen. So, if you

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Brain exercises

3 Things Exercise Can Do For Your Brain

According to the American Psychology Association, research has shown that working out is one of the effective ways to boost brain health. There are a lot of benefits of exercise for your brain. Exercise improves the immune system and body function and promotes positive mental health. Therefore, you get to

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Bad work habits

Bad Work Habits to Watch Out For

Whether you work in an office or from home, some bad work habits may slow you down at work. And may even cost you your job. There is no perfect worker or human. That’s because a lot of factors influence our job performance. It could be our upbringing, experience, or

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Exercise routine

How to Commit to Your Exercise Routine

I was consistent for the first few days when I started working out. However, I found myself losing all the motivation I started with. I didn’t know how to commit to the exercise routine. It was either work or my workout. You could be thinning yourself out by trying to

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perfect job

4 Steps To Find Your Perfect Job

Anyone who has ever held down a job for any time length knows that no job is perfect. Also, it may seem tasking to find the perfect job. However, we can also agree that some jobs are better than others or ideal for particular goals or interests. If you’re starting

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