Why Should You Increase Sales During the Holidays?

Would you like to increase your sales during this holiday?

The holidays are here again, and we love it! Even more for business owners, it’s that time of the year to achieve our yearly goals or new ones. And that’s what this blog post is about.

Let’s learn why holiday sales are important for businesses and how to leverage this holiday and the many holidays ahead of us for sales.

6 Reasons Why Should You Increase Sales During the Holidays?

Many businesses have their reasons for increasing sales during the holidays. These reasons may vary with companies. What are your reasons?

The following are reasons why business owners should leverage the holidays for sales:

To increase Brand Awareness

There’s something about the holiday spirit that makes customers ever ready to make a purchase. More still, they are also interested in scouting for brands that have what they are looking for.

This is an opportunity for small businesses to display what they have in store for customers through social media and good marketing. It helps you put your brand name or business out there for your target customers to see.

To Engage and Acquire New Customers

The jolliness of the holidays doesn’t only help you increase brand awareness. It increases your chances of getting and engaging new customers. This means more sales!

It is good news for business owners who have a specific number of customers in their goals. Holiday sales help businesses gain more customers.

To Retain Old Customers (The Holiday Way!)

Imagine buying consistently from a brand and you get thoughtful gifts and offers during the holidays. Wouldn’t you stay consistent?

Holiday sales help businesses show their old customers how much they value them and their patronage. You can do this in so many ways, including:

  • Discount
  • Promo sales
  • Gifts
  • Holiday cards
  • Gift cards
  • Free shipping

To Sell Off Your Stocks

For businesses that sell physical projects, this is an opportunity to sell your old stocks off and prepare for the new year. Now, we are talking about old stock, not expired products or really old-looking products.

Our focus is to build trust with our customers and not to drive them away with sales that feel like a rip-off.

To Introduce New Products and Services

That’s right, you can take your business to the next level by introducing your eye-catching new products or services. You can train your old customers and new audiences to new products.

You can also introduce holiday specials (In our case, this article) or holiday-inspired products. If they like your new product or service, they are coming back for more the following year.

Holiday-inspired products or services can keep your customers hooked and eager to come again during the holidays next year. 

To Show Your Customers That Your Business Has a Heart

Is your business all about the numbers or about serving your customers? We wrote about career planning for employees. We talked about how it shows your customers that you care about your staff and the quality of services they get. 

Holiday sales work that way, too. Except this time, you are showing your customers that they have a place in the heart of your business. After all, what is a business without customers?

With holiday sales, you have two golden opportunities:

  • To show your customers appreciation for being a part of your business growth.
  • To show new customers how much you value your existing customers.

Everyone wants to be in a place where they are recognized, understood, and appreciated.

Now that we know why we need holiday sales in our businesses, let’s learn more about how to increase our holiday sales.

11 Ways to Increase Your Sales During the Holidays

Have a Sales Goal in Mind

If you want to double your sales this holiday, what is the number you want to achieve? Creating SMART goals goes a long way in increasing your holiday sales. 

Here are some questions that can help:

  • How many new customers do you want to reach?
  • Where is my business in terms of customers, sales, revenue, and profit?
  • Have I reached my sales goal for the year?
  • How many subscribers are you looking for?
  • How much profit can you get?
  • How many products do you need to sell?
  • What do you need to get ready?
  • How can you deal with issues that arise?
  • How many employees do we need to be available?

These are just a few. When you have a goal in mind, it gives you an achievement to look forward to. What are your business goals for the holiday?

Plan, Start, and Advertise Early!

There’s something beautiful about preparing for an event in advance. It helps you and your employees stay relaxed because they are ready. 

Planning for your holiday sales helps you brainstorm with your team on problems that could arise and solutions. You can assign roles and determine the materials and services you will need to achieve your sales goal. Early advertising helps your brand stay in the minds of your customers. 

For example, you have been seeing some shoes everywhere on the internet, and it says 30% off this holiday, November 10 to December 28. And it keeps showing up. When you need to get shoes, guess which brand you’d think of. That’s right, the one that has been in your face.

If you want to experience smooth sales, consider planning and advertising early. Stay in the minds of your customers.

Create Holiday-Themed Marketing Campaigns

Everyone loves the holidays. This means you can leverage the holiday spirits in your marketing campaign to boost your sales. It is a way of telling the audience that you understand their needs and care about them.

It is good practice to sound human in your campaigns. Reach out to them with needs in mind.

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Stay Connected to Your Customers

You need social media now more than ever. During this time of the year, everyone is resting, scrolling for gifts, and looking out for good offers. Why not be the one they find?

Engage your customers and find out what they want. This will help you hit their pain points in your campaigns and increase your sales.

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Have an Irresistible Offer

What makes your offer different? Why should your customers buy from you? Does your marketing campaign come with a juicy offer that can’t be ignored? 

These are questions to consider when marketing your products. It can be pretty competitive; hence, you need an edge that can make you stand out from your competitors.

Stock up Your Supplies Early

One of the hassles that come with the holidays is tracking and getting supplies. For smooth holiday sales, it’s best to have all you need — if not more — at hand. Therefore, consider getting your supplies in check and on time. More importantly, consider getting enough. 

If you are introducing a new product, you may have to put your revenue, profits, and budget in mind. It is essential to prepare your product to deliver as promised,

Prepare Your Employees

If you own a physical store, you may need more employees on deck. If you decide to get employees for the holidays, it’s best practice to train them on the values and mission of the business. 

Training both old and seasonal employees helps promote a consistent quality of service. You can also employ this tip if you work with online employees as well. The goal is to ensure that your customers get quality services during their purchase.

PS- You may also need to train your customer service assistants. It could help them deal with emergencies, mistakes in orders, or a worried customer.

Check Your Website

Imagine customers experiencing a glitch in your e-commerce website while trying to get a product. That can be a huge turn-off. Worst still, imagine your social media pages being flooded with complaints.

Therefore, it is best practice to check your website, its back end, and its pages. When checking your website, ask the following questions:

  • Are your sales pages responsive? 
  • Does your site glitch with more traffic? 
  • Is it programmed to support discounts, bonuses, and gift sales? 
  • Is it easy to make a purchase, book a call, or place an order?

A smooth working sales page or website is a crucial ingredient to doubling your sales. Therefore, ensure the site is in good condition for your customers, employees, and sales goals.

Check Your Checkout and Payment Platforms

Like your website, sales, and landing pages, your checkout pages should also be running smoothly. You don’t want to make all your preparations go to waste when your customers can’t make a purchase.

It is best to check for and prevent glitches in your payment platforms. Also, you can consider having a backup payment plan. Ensure all hands are on deck on this (including getting a web developer on standby).

Partner With Other Businesses

Is there another business owner who sells a product that compliments yours? You can partner up and create a bonus sale. One good thing about partnering up is that it makes publicity and advertising easier. You are joining hands to reach out to more people.

Partnerships are not limited to sales. You can also do this if you know someone whose services complement yours. For example, a developer and an SEO expert working together to audit a site and fix backend glitches. 

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Allow your audience to experience your holiday spirit. Decorate your social media profiles and websites. stores, and offices. This lightens their mood. The more creative you are with this, the more they can invite their friends and family to join in and check out your products.

Here’s an idea: you can make it a tradition for you and your employees to work on it together. Posting videos of these fun experiences can engage your audience and give them something to talk about.


Holiday sales can add spice to the goals and mission of a business. There are many reasons why a business needs holiday sales. Increasing holiday sales means even more to business owners. A business that is ever-evolving competes with its past self and competitors. 

Therefore, consider evaluating your past holiday sales, think of what you can improve, read the tips above, and begin your journey to increase your sales. 

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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