How to Audition for The Great American Speak Off Season 2

After the tremendous success of season one, The Great American Speak Off Season two is here!

This post covers all you need to know about “The Great American Speak Off. We will learn about season one of the program, why it was a success, and how to apply for season two.

Let’s begin!

About The Great American Speak Off

The Great American Speak Off is a public speaking competition created by Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and coach. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, and the goal is to find the best public speaker in America.

Here’s how he pulled it off.

According to Grant Cardone TV, Grant surprised the 10X Growth Conference 2023 audience. He told them that their vote would make the final decision for the winner of the TV show “The Great American Speak Off.”

Out of 27,000 contestants, four finalists faced the 10X Growth Conference audience. Each finalist had three minutes to wow the crowd.

How Was The Great American Speak Off Season 1?

The Great American Speak Off season one was a success. Twenty-seven thousand people applied for the season. The winner is said to get a $1 million speaking tour and mentorship from Grant Cardone and Pete Vargas of 10X Stages.

Out of the 27,000 contestants, four outstanding speakers made it to the finals. The finalists were:

  1. Joe Beckman: A motivational speaker and author.
  2. Shametria Gonzales: A life coach and real estate investor.
  3. Randy Hedge: Serial entrepreneur, investor, life coach, and keynote speaker.
  4. Glenn Lundy: A sales coach and trainer.

Each contestant delivered their speech in front of the crowd and the following commentary judges:

  1. Grant Cardone
  2. Elena Cardone
  3. Stormy Wellington
  4. Pete Vargas

Each contestant spoke for three minutes. The audience was asked to applaud the speaker they wanted to win immediately after calling their names. 

The 10X Growth Conference audience selected Glenn Lundy as the winner of the Great American Speak Off season 1.

How to Audition for The Great American Speak Off Season 2

Are you interested in becoming recognized as the best public speaker in the Great American Speak Off season 2?

Here’s how to register for the program:

Click here to audition for the competition. After that, you can load the page and click on the “Click to register” button.

Fill in the necessary information in the pop-up and submit.

After filling in your information, you will be taken to the next stage of registration. You will be asked to choose between the VIP audition and the regular audition. The VIP audition comes with the following:

  • Guaranteed access to the first audition.
  • Training on how to win the crowd over
  • Training from renowned speaking coach Pat Quinn.

Clicking on the VIP audition button takes you to the payment platform. Afterward, you will receive further information, as seen in the images below.

If you choose not to pay for the VIP audition, you will also get these instructions.

Why Should You Apply For The Great American Speak Off Season 2

Joining the competition gives you an opportunity to:

  1. Learn from Grant Cardone himself on how to grow your business.
  2. Improve your communication and presentation skills.
  3. Face a large crowd, present your message mission, and fulfill your purpose.
  4. Network with other great minds and grow your business.


Becoming a speaker is a beautiful opportunity to improve the lives of others and yourself. Your message can reach these lives when you put yourself out there.

Auditioning for The Great American Speak Off is an excellent opportunity to present yourself to a larger audience. You can display your talent, share your message, and network with other speakers and entrepreneurs at the 10X Growth Conference in 2024. wishes all aspiring speakers and contestants GOODLUCK!

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