How To Get Paid To Speak With Impact and Results.

How To Get Paid to speak

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is about how to speak better and get PAID to speak. It’s often challenging for me to answer that question. Why?

Being a great speaker who is paid to speak comes down to two very important things.

One, are you a GREAT speaker? A master of the stage, communication and performance.

Second, the business of speaking. Follow up, clients, who are your audience, etc.

I’ve been speaking for over 20 years. Shared stages with Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin and more. I’ve never received formal speaker training. However, over the years, I’ve learned many things about how to be a better speaker and have implemented these things.

Editors note – Here is a curated list of top speakers and communication trainers and consultants.

Also, whether you want to be a paid professional speaker or speaking is part of what you do in your job, we can all learn to COMMUNICATE BETTER.

Practice Speaking

If you’re only on stage a few times a year, you won’t have the raw practice you need to get better and better.

The more you speak, the better you get, and the more you get paid to speak. Like anything in life.

The more you speak, the less fear you have in speaking.

As you speak more, you learn from “mistakes”. The more you speak, the more you open yourself up to feedback. Seth Godin talks about this a lot, don’t let perfection stop you from just launching.

You can practice speaking in many different ways:

  • Volunteering at your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Teach Sunday school in the church.
  • Speak up at company meetings.
  • Grab the mic more often during Q&A sessions at events.
  • Host a podcast
  • Get on Clubhouse

There are many opportunities to practice speaking if you just take the time to make it happen.

Toast Masters is a great organization to help you learn to speak better.

Get Professional Training

There are MANY services which can help you train to speak better and/or build a career out of speaking. Remember being paid to speak is a business.

You can hire professionals by the hour and/or or join their programs.

Before investing in speaker training, be sure you’re serious about it. Beyond just speaking, learn how to be a better communicator overall.

The National Speakers Association is a fantastic organization helping speakers build speaking careers.

LIST OF GOOD SPEAKER TRAINERS – Here is a curated list of top speaker and communication trainers and consultants.

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Learn the Art of Public Speaking

Speaking is much more than just moving your mouth and pacing back and forth on the stage.

The “art” of speaking is:

  • learning how to OWN the stage and use it as your canvas
  • how to; and how not to use your hands
  • The art of pausing. You don’t have to keep talking.

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Be Engaging

Another way to get paid to speak and be invited to speak over and over again is to be engaging. No one wants a boring speaker. The more engaging you are the better. You need not be a comedian, but you must be engaging.

You need not be a comedian, but you must be engaging.

Ramon Ray, publisher,

While humor is an absolute asset, every speaking is not “funny”.

Be Yourself

One of the worst things you can do is try to be someone else. We can admire and emulate others, but be yourself. Over time, clients will hire you for the special way YOU deliver your speech. If they wanted someone else, they’d hire someone else.

Remember, the best speakers are often also great listeners.

While you might want to be a paid speaker, also seek to just be a great communicator. It’s great in negotiations, which we do daily. At home and at work.

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If You’re a Great Speaker, the Money Will Follow

The business of professional speaking is very similar to business overall. Follow up, and identify your customers.

And like other businesses, the better and better you are. The more word of mouth will spread about hiring you to speak.

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