Owwll App Get’s You Paid To Chat and Be an Expert

In a world where communication often takes the form of text messages and social media chats, Jason Hill, the creator of the Owwll app, had a vision to bring back the power of one-on-one audio conversations. In a recent interview with Ramon Ray, Hill discussed the birth of Owwll, its unique features, and how it’s transforming networking and collaboration in the digital age. Owwll is more than just an app; it’s a game-changer for personal and professional connections. Here are some of the key takeaways from that conversation.

The Birth of Owwll

Owwll came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic when Hill realized the world was yearning for genuine human connections. In a time when in-person interactions were limited, people had to resort to text-based communication on social media.

However, the desire for meaningful conversations remained. Hill’s idea was simple yet powerful: Build a platform that allows users to connect instantly through private, one-on-one audio calls.

Today, Owwll is an emerging collaboration and networking tool where people can find individuals with valuable expertise, discuss their favorite sports teams, or even explore opportunities for podcast collaborations.

LinkedIn on Steroids

If you’ve ever used LinkedIn for networking, you know that initial conversations often require more personal, one-on-one meetings. Owwll simplifies this process. It’s as easy as going into the app, checking who’s available for a chat, and initiating a call. “Owwll is LinkedIn on steroids,” says Hill.

The beauty of Owwll is that if you’re an expert in your field, you can set your price for calls and specify your availability. The app creates opportunities for you to share your knowledge and generate income.

Building and Maintaining a Successful Mobile App

Hill acknowledges that building a successful mobile app isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, 99% of apps fail, primarily due to errors in the development and marketing phases.

Given the challenges, Hill emphasizes the importance of starting with a minimum viable product (MVP) and then iterating as needed. An MVP allows you to test your concept with a basic version of the app, minimizing initial costs and reducing the time to market.

Hill also mentions the significance of adapting to market conditions. Owwll took a different approach, launching quickly during the early days of the pandemic when people were seeking new ways to connect.

Meanwhile, Hill warns against underestimating the ongoing costs of maintaining an app. It’s not just about building it; you must invest in updates, bug fixes, and marketing to keep the app running and growing. The initial stage may not be profitable, so seeking capital investment may become necessary. Hill reiterates that marketing and capital go hand in hand and play a significant role in the success of any business.

Marketing the Business

In the early days of Owwll, Hill adopted a grassroots approach to marketing. He messaged people on LinkedIn, leveraged social media platforms like Instagram, engaged in Clubhouse discussions, and incentivized users with a referral program.

The referral program proved to be a game-changer, encouraging users to share the app and earn rewards in return. The brand ambassador program is another essential aspect of Owwll’s marketing strategy, as these individuals play a crucial role in building and maintaining the app’s community.

Hill’s approach to marketing revolves around the idea of community and word of mouth. The authentic engagement and support from brand ambassadors have allowed Owwll to grow rapidly, with a goal to reach 100,000 users.

Ambassadors don’t simply refer people to the app; they hop on the phone with new referrals to walk them through its features and benefits to ensure new users get the most out of the platform. “They get a lot of value under the hood that no one ever sees,” says Hill of the ambassador program.

Why Choose Owwll Over Other Options?

Owwll may have competitors in the form of scheduling tools like Calendly and communication via LinkedIn or other social platforms. Still, it offers a distinctive approach to personal and professional networking. The app provides instant, on-the-fly calls, perfect for quick interactions while driving or in other situations where a scheduled meeting is impractical. Owwll acts as a lead magnet, efficiently connecting users and generating meaningful conversations that can lead to valuable opportunities.

Hill encourages users to see these platforms as complementary rather than competitive. Each has unique strengths and use cases, and the choice ultimately depends on the user’s needs.

In a world driven by digital connections, Owwll is becoming a powerful force for genuine, one-on-one communication. It brings the power of voice back to the forefront, facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

To learn more about Owwll and download the Owwll app, check out their website at

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