Voice and Video Chat are Coming to Twitter – Good or Bad News

Twitter is one of the smallest social media platforms out there, and it has seen significant changes of late. Although it’s one of the smallest, it’s still a powerful platform with many media, bloggers and “advanced” users of social media.

Twitter has always been about micro-blogging, but now that trend seems to be changing with the soon to be addition of voice and video chat. With Elon Musk making the announcement that voice and video chat will be coming to Twitter very soon, there has been a mixed reaction. Some argue that the move is good news, while others believe that it is bad news.

Why should business owners use Twitter?

Twitter presents an excellent marketing opportunity for small business owners. It is an effective way of positioning a brand and targeting a particular audience. Business owners can use Twitter to interact with their customers effectively and keep them updated on their brand. The platform also presents a great opportunity to push a product or service, thanks to its global reach.

How can Twitter be helpful for a personal brand?

Individuals can also leverage Twitter as a tool for personal branding. Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform that can help people gain visibility and grow their personal brand. People can use Twitter to build relationships, establish themselves as experts in their fields, and connect with others in their industry. Additionally, Twitter allows individuals to keep track of and stay engaged with news and trends in their field.

How can Twitter be used for live blogging during live events?

Twitter’s specificity and real-time updates make it an excellent platform for live blogging during events. Attendees can post quotes, photos, and commentary in real-time for those who are unable to attend the event. Furthermore, live tweeting can help establish the user as an expert in the field and create useful networking opportunities. I used hashtags quite a bit and during a live event, it’s a perfect way to get attention by the Twitter users of the event.

What are Twitter best practices?

  • Post frequently relevant content
  • Use hashtags
  • Use images and video
  • Be consistent
  • Tag others
  • Engage with others
  • Be creative and unique
  • Respond to questions and feedback
  • Use Twitter analytics to track performance
  • Follow influencers in your industry or field
  • Create meaningful relationships on the platform.

The addition of voice and video chat to Twitter is a welcome change. While some are skeptical, we believe that this move is good news for the platform. Twitter was always intended to be a communication tool and not just a micro-blogging platform. Voice and video chat will go a long way in broadening the platform’s appeal and expanding its functionality. As we have seen, Twitter provides an excellent marketing opportunity for small business owners, as well as an incredible platform for personal branding and live blogging during events. Like with all social media platforms, best practices should be adhered to, but with Twitter’s new feature, businesses and individuals can take full advantage of its capabilities.


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