Why Use Twitter Spaces and Social Audio To Run for President

Twitter Spaces, is becoming a thriving platform for audio discussion and conversation. It’s not just the audio conversation, but also the standard use of Twitter as a text-only micro-blogging service. Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are two leading, social audio apps. A new tool, has recently launched.

Today a presidential candidate will use Twitter spaces to launch his campaign, why, and what can you learn about it for your business?

What is social audio?

Social audio is a relatively new form of networking that combines traditional audio formats with social platforms. It’s like a Zoom call with no video. It was birthed by Clubhouse, when we were sheltering in place during Covd.

Social audio tools like Twitter provides a space for real-time conversations that are engaging and informative. These platforms allow people to connect and share their thoughts on a variety of topics, from business to politics.

While still quite niche, and definitely not as popular (not even close) as YouTube or Faebook, social audio is still viable.

Twitter has about 450 million active users. Facebook has 2.99 billion.

Social audio is a good technology for building relationships with your audience and having real-time conversations – without video.

With video, many want to get camera ready, have a nice background, set up good lighting and more. With social audio, you just need to speak and use your phone.

Why Twitter Spaces for Presidential Candidates?

The gamut of today’s political races is a huge, huge marathon of money, advertising and campaigning. From long commercial ads to debates, candidates try to make themselves as visible and significant as possible.

Twitter Spaces especially with the more openness allowed Elon Musk, enables a Presidential Candidate to have more direct and engaging conversations with their supporters. It allows them to tap into an entirely new set of voters and engage with them on a more personal level. Twitter Spaces is an ideal tool for political candidates due to the real-time nature of the conversations.

Whereas Facebook and other platforms have been known to be more restrictive in the conversations they allow, Twitter spaces allows more discussion on topics that might be banned by other platforms.

Since Elon Musk leans conservative, conservative politicians might find more of a home on Twitter spaces.

How to Leverage Social Audio for Your Business?

Social audio is an excellent tool for small business owners, especially those in the creative or tech space. By participating in ClubHouse rooms or hosting their own rooms, they can have a real-time conversation with their customers and get feedback on their products or services. Additionally, they can use social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces to announce new products or events and build a loyal following.

Social audio is also an excellent tool for personal branding. By participating in industry conversations, entrepreneurs can establish thought leadership and build their personal brand.

The introduction of social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces has revolutionized how political campaigns and business owners engage with their audiences.

The platform’s real-time nature provides a space for intimate conversations that are engaging and informative. If you are a presidential candidate looking to engage with your supporters on a more personal level or a small business owner looking to establish your brand and build a loyal following, Social audio is the perfect platform for you to consider.

Make a big splash in a smaller room.

How to Start Using Social Audio

  1. Download and setup accounts on social audio apps – Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse or Breakout
  2. Listen in on conversations
  3. Begin to follow people and groups that are of interest to you
  4. Start your own rooms and start to share insights of relevance to your audience
  5. Enjoy yourself

Big Waves in a Smaller Pond

It’s easy to feel like you have to make a big splash to get noticed.

However, sometimes it’s better to be a big player in a smaller room than to try to make a big sound in a very noisy room. Small business owners can leverage social audio to create intimate conversations with their target customers without the noise of social media. By creating a dedicated space for their audience, they can drive engagement and build long-lasting relationships.


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