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Thinking is great. It’s something everyone needs to do to succeed in life. However, what are we thinking about? Are we overthinking? Jon Acuff’s book “Soundtracks” unpacks one of the biggest impediments to our success. It’s letting the past hurts and unhealthy beliefs in our life, hold us back.

“Overthinking is when what you think gets in the way of what you want”

Jon Acuff, Soundtracks

When we’re born, we’ve got nothing in our brain. It’s fresh and new and waiting to be filled.

However, as we get older we often develop memories and calluses of fear and doubt which hold us back. Jon refers to these as soundtracks.

If you’re playing the wrong soundtrack in your mind it will captivate your life and keep you stuck in a loop that prevents you from realizing your full potential.

If you listen to any thought long enough, it becomes a part of your personal playlist.

Jon Acuff

Control and Train Your Mind To Stop Overthinking

Your brain is a powerful tool (or weapon) and the memories you have, it keeps playing again and again.

You don’t have to let your brain control those negative memories and thoughts. You can retrain your brain.

Maybe you’re in a job you don’t want or like. Change the tune in your mind.

Jon writes, Instead of listening to a soundtrack that says, “I have a menial job” change the soundtrack to “my job is to offer the best customer service”.

So how can you change your thoughts and turn them from a super problem into a superpower?

  • Retire your broken soundtracks
  • Replace them with new ones
  • Repeat them until they’re as automatic as the old ones

Turn Down Negative Thinking

When negative thoughts invade your mind, you must do what you can to get rid of those thoughts.

They might still be there, however, you can drown them out.

  • Take a walk
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Talk to uplifting friends
  • Be thankful
  • Do something nice for someone else

These are just a few things to consider, what works for you?

Create New Thinking

Just not thinking negative thoughts is not enough. It’s also very important to replace those negative thoughts with good thoughts.

For years I’ve said that I’m distracted and unfocused. Slowly I’m learning to replace that negative thinking with positive thinking. Sure I move fast and often “aim before I shoot”, but I’m embracing this as a gift.

Because I move fast, I can take advantage of opportunities with speed and do more than others can. I can quickly test and fail fast or succeed fast.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to change the thoughts in your mind? Ready to change the soundtracks that you’ve been listening too?

Get Jon Acuff’s book, Soundtracks.

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