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Someone using slack collaboration tool on their laptop

A Slack Exec’s Tips on Maximizing Productivity

If you look at the ways many small-business teams communicate today; it’s clear that things have shifted dramatically since the pandemic first hit. Teams that used to see each other in the office five days a week may now be on a hybrid schedule or fully remote.

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A car salesman shaking hands with clients after making a car deal

America’s Top Car Salesman Success Recipe to Uplevel Business and Life

As an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and teacher, Damian Boudreaux has worked with automotive professionals across the United States and Canada.
His recipe for success isn’t just about creating a career in the automotive industry; he’s dedicated his life to educating and inspiring people to improve in all areas of their lives.

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A young boy eating a Jonny pops

Can Frozen Desserts Make the World Better?

When Connor Wray first started JonnyPops with a group of college buddies a decade ago, the goal was simple: make a better-tasting, better-for-you frozen treat.
Connor’s business partner, Erik Brust, and Erik’s cousin Jonathan knew they were on to something when they conceptualized the idea for the “smoothie on a stick.”

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A happy man smiling at the sea

Happiest Man in Nevada – Shot and in a Wheelchair

Recently, I was in Las Vegas speaking at a large business event. There, I met a young man who creates fashionable colostomy bags. This tattooed young man was shot. He’s in a wheelchair and has to use a colostomy bag. I believe he’s also a tattoo artist. What was interesting

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The best strokes of life- A happy girl holding a cup of coffee

The Best Strokes of Life – Five Ways To Overcome Life’s Roadblocks

Today, like usual, you find yourself scrolling through social media. And it hits you like it does every day; “Everyone is living their best life.” Everyone except you.
Right! You sigh yet again. And you swear you won’t look again on your timeline, no matter the platform. You lie to yourself and say you will take a break from social media and get your mind right. Finally, You decide you won’t let comparison be the thief of your joy! Yet you are back at it every day, scrolling through social media and feeling bad again.

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Is Overthinking Keeping You Down?

Thinking is great. It’s something everyone needs to do to succeed in life. However, what are we thinking about? Are we overthinking? Jon Acuff’s book “Soundtracks” unpacks one of the biggest impediments to our success. It’s letting the past hurts and unhealthy beliefs in our life, hold us back. “Overthinking

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wake up early -

Waking Up Early: 5 Reasons To Be an Early Riser

I’ve always been an early riser. Maybe it was because my father was, that it rubbed off on me. Maybe it’s genetics. Either way, I find that waking up early gives me an edge. It could give you an edge as well. Side note – I’ve always been an early

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Don't Panic -

Don’t Panic, Stay Calm in Scary Situations

Do not panic. That’s the first word of advice, Scott Simons, co-founder of The Savage Initiative advised in his Breakfast with Champions Show on Clubhouse. Scott’s an investor and successful car dealership executive, he knows a thing or two about the ups and downs of marketplaces and people’s rush to

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