The Best Strokes of Life – Five Ways To Overcome Life’s Roadblocks

The best strokes of life- A happy girl holding a cup of coffee

Today, like usual, you find yourself scrolling through social media. And it hits you like it does every day; “Everyone is living their best life.” Everyone except you.

Right! You sigh yet again. And you swear you won’t look again on your timeline, no matter the platform. You lie to yourself and say you will take a break from social media and get your mind right. Finally, You decide you won’t let comparison be the thief of your joy! Yet you are back at it every day, scrolling through social media and feeling bad again.

I could tell you to stop, but I won’t. I want to give you some food for thought! Are you ready?

It’s going to get a lot messier before it gets clearer. Are you ready for the messy middle? I know I am! Here goes!

Life’s Messy Middle

The messy middle feels a lot like torture. You have dreams and goals. More importantly, you want to achieve them. So you start out with a fire in your belly. You start unstoppable. But then, you hit roadblocks. You look on social media and read the biographies of the greats. They always seemed to have the right answers, right? Wrong!

They, too, encountered the messy middle where clarity was in short supply. What did they do? They pressed on and kept taking action. Yes, they could scroll through social media and get distracted. They could look at direct and indirect competitors’ actions.

However, in the end, every business and every person, just like you, has to find their own way, even beyond distractions and unfavorable conditions that look like they will fail. 

You may think that only certain people deserve to live a happy, BIG, fulfilled life. Not you! Who are you to Dream BIG…or Ask BIGGER?

The truth is, I still have moments like this. We all do! I question whether I am doing enough in my business and personal life. Am I keeping up with friends and their needs? And then, am I being good to myself?

Five Ways To Overcome Life’s Roadblocks

Life is a series of weeding and pruning so that you can see and experience all the good things. Through the distractions of life and situations, you grow or die. Don’t die. Let’s light that fire again!

Time to get BOLD, start acting out of character, and shake things up!

It was only when I started to see life differently that things began to change in significant ways. Here are ways to shake things up and see your life differently:

1. Get Ready to Work Strategically

KNOW that YOU deserve all the great things you want and desire. You also NEED to do the hard and smart work to make it happen. There are many things people don’t show on social media. Often time, business development, networking, and staying focused do not appear on social media. Why? It’s the not sexy part of life and business that are crucial. Don’t forget this step!

2. Choose Your Company Wisely

It’s WHO is in your Circle that truly matters. Start looking at your friendship circle and your business circle. Are the people you surround yourself with go-getters? Do they just do enough to get by? Who do you really want to be? Are these the people who will help you get there? Look around, be honest, and drop dead weight accordingly.

3. Be Persistent

Be RUTHLESS in the pursuit of ACHIEVING what it is that you truly want in your business and life. You are not asking others for acceptance and agreement on your needs, wants, or your very own purpose. You are going to make it happen by utilizing your resources. To others, what you may wish to do seems impossible. But to you, it’s going to happen! When? By letting go of naysayers and pushing for your breakthrough.

4. Be Resourceful

CREATIVITY comes before finances a lot of times. Yes, I said it. Sometimes the most significant lessons and breakthroughs come in being resourceful instead of just seeking money. What will happen when you think through a situation and see other possibilities? Magic!

Is there a connection that is needed more than money? Can you help someone in a way through your zone of genius? That is worth its weight in gold! Examine and try different possibilities and mixes!

5. Get Ready to Overcome Roadblocks

I LOVE the HARD parts and FAILURES. Yes, I admit, these seem hard to do at the moment. But I promise you will smile, laugh, and be thankful when you look back. The greatest minds in business and life all had setbacks, challenges, and seemingly insurmountable problems. Yet, they are here today because of them, not in spite of them. These are your greatest teachers, and you can help others to embrace them. No company or BIG life got there by living an uneventful, plain, boring life! I promise you!

Learn to get comfortable shaking things up! Are you ready?

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