Unstuck and Unstoppable: Navigating Corporate Success With Jeannine K Brown


Getting hired in a new corporate job can be an exciting step forward for those carving out career paths. At the same time, the journey to success can be elusive. Navigating the ins and outs of the corporate world and trying to get ahead isn’t always easy. You may also be unsure how to move up the corporate ladder.

Jeannine K. Brown, founder of Everyday Lead and author of Unstuck and Unstoppable, understands the complexities of getting ahead in a corporate role. In a recent conversation with Ramon Ray, Brown discussed ways to learn the art of self-promotion. Beyond addressing the challenges in larger corporate settings, Brown’s principles are relevant for small businesses aiming to foster a culture of success. Let’s delve into the key concepts from the interview and explore how to apply them.

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The Corporate Dilemma

Brown’s journey in corporate leadership unveiled a common dilemma — the prevailing confusion surrounding the true determinants of success. Her realization that promotions weren’t guaranteed solely by exceptional performance became the driving force behind her book.

In a corporate setting, if you do great work, you are not recognized for your accomplishments at times. You may also be tasked with more responsibilities because they’ve proved they can handle a high volume of work.

However, the reward for good work shouldn’t simply be more work; it should include opportunities for growth and advancement. To make that happen, employees need to be willing to toot their own horns.

Being Your Own PR Firm

If you’re thinking, “How do I talk about myself without sounding narcissistic?” — this section is for you. It’s possible to promote yourself in the workplace in ways that let you shine a light on your achievements. As Brown points out, you were hired for a role, and that alone has value. Why not celebrate who you are and all you’ve done in your job?

Here are some tips on self-promotion to help you get comfortable talking about your excellence.

Craft Your Narrative

Self-promotion involves more than listing accomplishments. It also requires developing a clear and concise story that showcases your journey, skills, and contributions. Whether you’re in a small startup or a multinational corporation, the ability to articulate your professional narrative becomes a powerful tool in garnering recognition.

Request Regular Check-Ins

Establishing a consistent line of communication with your manager fosters a supportive environment. You can openly discuss achievements, goals, and expectations. Use these check-ins not only to provide updates on work progress but also to seek guidance, express career ambitions, and discuss professional development opportunities. This proactive approach showcases your commitment to growth and allows you to make your voice heard.

Learn the Art of Personal Sharing

While maintaining professionalism is crucial at work, sharing personal anecdotes within comfortable boundaries can humanize your professional persona. Brown’s inclination to share stories about her grandmother provides a glimpse into her values and life outside of work.

In the same vein, sharing elements of your personal life, such as hobbies, interests, or experiences, allows colleagues to connect with you on a more personal level. This sharing builds a sense of camaraderie, fostering stronger relationships within the workplace.

Tips for Effective Personal Sharing

  • Highlight relevant experiences: Share experiences that are relevant to your professional journey or convey valuable lessons, creating a connection between your personal and professional identity.
  • Showcase your values: Discussing personal values, whether they align with teamwork, integrity, or innovation, offers insight into your character and the principles that guide your actions in the workplace.
  • Maintain professional boundaries: When sharing personal information, be mindful of professional boundaries. Avoid divulging excessively personal details, and focus on aspects that contribute positively to workplace relationships.

Seek Endorsements and Recommendations

Encourage colleagues, superiors, or clients to provide endorsements and recommendations on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Testimonials from others carry weight and serve as powerful testaments to your skills and value.

Not everyone will want to support you, but plenty of people will gladly lend a hand. “There are some people who don’t want to see you win,” Brown says. “But that is why you have to communicate your value so that you can be recognized for who you are by more than just one person.”

On Building Relationships

The significance of building relationships holds irrespective of the size of the organization. In smaller businesses, leaders have a unique opportunity to foster a tight-knit community where interpersonal connections flourish. Encouraging open communication and collaboration creates an environment where individuals feel supported and valued.

Small business leaders can take cues from Brown’s insights to create workplaces where people feel comfortable sharing their victories. Creating platforms for team members to share information about themselves and their skills promotes a deeper understanding within the organization.

This transparent approach facilitates genuine connections and provides leaders with valuable insights into the strengths and aspirations of their team members. Also, by making goals known, employees are more likely to receive tailored support and opportunities that align with their career aspirations.

Embracing Your Strengths

Building professional relationships goes beyond the transactional aspects of work. Regular check-ins with supervisors are a strategic investment in professional growth. On the other hand, personal sharing adds a human touch to workplace interactions. Embracing these practices creates an environment where individuals are not just seen as colleagues but as unique contributors with multifaceted identities.

Brown’s Unstuck and Unstoppable offers a roadmap not only for corporate success but also for fostering growth in the unique environment of small businesses. By embracing the principles of self-promotion, relationship-building, and goal communication, leaders can create workplaces where individuals thrive.

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