How To Make Money Short Term: 10 Fast and Effective Strategies


When it comes to money, there is no amount that is enough. Regardless of how well you plan your budget, there are always some unexpected events ruining your carefully planned budget. In such a situation, knowing quick and effective ways to make money comes handy. Whether it’s to cover an unexpected expense, save up for a special occasion, or simply boost your monthly income, short-term money-making strategies offer a practical solution. In this post, I will discuss how to make money in the short term.

Let’s dive in:

Why Making Money Short Term Becomes Important

At times, immediate financial needs can arise, making it crucial to generate extra income quickly. Short-term money making strategies can bridge the gap between paychecks, help in emergencies, or fund sudden opportunities. They offer flexibility and immediacy that long-term investments or careers may not provide. Thus, these strategies can be an essential tool in one’s financial arsenal.

These short-term money-making strategies can provide financial relief when you need it most, whether for emergency expenses, reducing debt, or avoiding dipping into savings. These strategies offer a safety net; you get a financial flexibility without long-term commitments.

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1. Selling Unused Items

Start by gathering items you no longer use or need. Platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are perfect for reaching a wide audience. Take clear, attractive photos and write honest, detailed descriptions to make your listings stand out. Pricing items competitively will help you sell quickly.

This method not only clears out your space but also puts cash in your pocket promptly. Remember to account for shipping costs and platform fees when setting prices to ensure you make a profit.

2. Freelancing for Fast Cash

Tap into your skills and offer them on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Whether you excel in writing, graphic design, or web development, there’s a demand for your services. Create a compelling profile showcasing your work and start bidding on projects that match your skills.

Communication and timeliness are key to building a good reputation, which can lead to more work. Freelancing allows you to control your workload and pricing, making it a flexible way to earn money quickly.

3. Participating in Online Surveys

Sign up for reputable survey sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. These platforms pay for your opinions on various topics or for participating in research studies. While you won’t get rich, it’s an easy way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Surveys vary in length and payout, so prioritize those with the best time-to-earnings ratio. Be patient and consistent, and the earnings will accumulate.

4. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

If you love animals, consider pet sitting or dog walking through apps like Rover. Create a profile, set your rates, and connect with pet owners in your area. This not only allows you to earn money but also to enjoy the companionship of pets. Being reliable and caring will earn you positive reviews, leading to more gigs. Plus, it’s a great way to stay active.

5. Offering Ride-Share or Delivery Services

With a reliable vehicle, a driver’s license, and insurance, you can sign up for ride-share or delivery services like Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash. This flexible option lets you work on your schedule, making it ideal for earning extra money. You’ll earn more during peak times and in areas with high demand.

Customer service is key, so maintaining a clean vehicle and a friendly demeanor will boost your ratings and earnings.

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6. Renting Out Spare Space

If you have an extra room or a vacation property, consider listing it on Airbnb. Take high-quality photos and write a detailed, inviting description to attract guests. Pricing competitively and offering excellent hospitality can lead to positive reviews, increasing your booking rate. This strategy requires some initial effort to set up your space but can provide a significant, ongoing income stream.

7. Tutoring or Online Teaching

With platforms like and VIPKid, you can connect with students needing help in subjects you’re knowledgeable about. This is especially lucrative for those proficient in high-demand areas like languages, math, and science.

Setting your hours and rates makes this a flexible option for earning. Building a rapport with students and parents can lead to repeat sessions and referrals.

8. Selling Handmade Crafts or Art

Use your creative talents to make and sell crafts or art on Etsy. A well-curated shop, clear photos, and detailed product descriptions can attract buyers. Social media platforms are great for marketing your creations. This approach requires time and skill to create unique items, but it can be rewarding both financially and artistically. Engaging with your customers and offering customizations can increase your sales.

9. Doing Odd Jobs for People in Your Community

Platforms like TaskRabbit connect you with people needing help with tasks like furniture assembly, yard work, or moving. Create a profile, list your skills, and set your rates. This option offers flexibility and the opportunity to earn money based on your abilities and availability. Being punctual, efficient, and friendly will lead to positive reviews and more job offers.

10. Flipping Products for a Profit

Look for undervalued items at thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces. Purchase these items and resell them at a higher price on platforms like eBay or Etsy. Researching current trends and demand will help you identify profitable items. This strategy requires an initial investment and some space for inventory but can yield significant returns with the right finds and marketing.

These strategies are detailed and actionable. They offer various paths to making money in the short term, catering to different skills, resources, and interests.


How can I increase my short-term money?

Explore quick, flexible options like selling items you no longer need, freelancing, completing online surveys, or engaging in gig economy jobs such as ride-sharing to leverage your current resources and skills efficiently.

How much money can I realistically make with these strategies?

Earnings vary widely depending on the strategy, your commitment, and market demand. Some methods like freelancing or renting out space can be quite lucrative, while others like online surveys offer modest earnings.

Do I need any special skills or equipment?

Some strategies require specific skills (e.g., freelancing, tutoring) or equipment (e.g., a reliable vehicle for delivery services). However, many options like selling unused items or participating in surveys require no special skills or equipment.

How quickly can I start earning money?

Many of these strategies allow you to start earning almost immediately. Platforms like eBay, Rover, and Uber have quick sign-up processes, letting you begin within days or even hours.

Are these money-making methods safe?

Yes, the money-making methods listed are generally safe, especially if you use reputable platforms and take basic precautions. Selling items online, freelancing, and participating in surveys through well-known sites minimize risks. When offering services like ride-sharing or renting out space, follow the platform’s safety guidelines, such as verifying user identities and reading reviews. Always conduct transactions securely and remain cautious of scams by avoiding too-good-to-be-true offers.

Final Thoughts,

The above-discussed strategies provide a diverse range of options, from selling unused items to investing in stocks. Each method offers flexibility, allowing individuals to choose based on their skills, resources, and time availability. As life throws unpredictable financial challenges your way, these fast and effective strategies become invaluable tools for you to boost your income quickly and efficiently.

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