Don’t Apologize for Making Money for Doing Good in the World- Live with Lisa Nichols and Seth Godin

About the Episode:

In this LIVE episode, I am talking to Lisa Nichols and Seth Godin. 

Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker, author of seven books, and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc

Lisa travels the globe, teaching and motivating people to make something out of what they may have thought was nothing and turn chaos into creativity.

She has appeared on many shows, including Oprah, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Extra. She has also impacted the lives of teens through her non-profit foundation, Motivating the Teen Spirit. 

Set Godin is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher. He’s also the founder of Akimbo, home of the altMBA, a 31-day online leadership workshop.

Seth is also a mentor at Purple Space. He is also the I am the founding editor of the all-volunteer CARBON ALMANAC.

In This Live Interview, We Talked About:

[05:03] What it truly means to teach and inspire people.

[07:30] The importance of applying the things you say in your life.

[10:30] What “Motivating the Masses” is about.

[13:07] What makes “Purple Space” unique.

[16:03] How to balance the need for effective marketing with the goal of genuinely empowering and inspiring your audience.

[20:05] The art of finding the right client.

[23:47] How to deal with the age barrier in the corporate world.

[30:52] How to show people your value in the workspace.

[49:18] The unknown truth about Labels and how to outgrow your label.

[54:26] The real reason we procrastinate.

[56:47] Seth’s take on time, work, and people management.

[57:43] The importance of firing yourself and delegating tasks.

[01:02:07] Exploring busyness vs productivity.

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Can’t See the Video Yet? Here Are a Few Key Points:

Here are five powerful nuggets to take home from this video:

1. Don’t be so quick to collect a lot of information that you’re not applying. And don’t quote a lot of things that you’re not living.

2. Figure out what the value you want to create is. Don’t try to serve everyone; get rich in your niche.

3. We procrastinate on the things that feel like the world wants us to be perfect at.

4.  Busyness doesn’t equate to joy, and it doesn’t equate to productivity

5. Make enough money to fire yourself from the job that you’re not doing well 

You Can Connect With Lisa and Seth Here:

Motivating the masses
Seth’s Blog

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