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A mental health support group for small business owners

Reasons Why Mental Health Support Is Important for Small Business Owners

The post-pandemic world has been difficult on the mental health of Americans from all walks of life. It can be challenging to know where to turn, especially how to get mental health support for small business owners. Small business owners represent a unique population in our business world; they face challenges different from those who work for a traditional paycheck. Often, their mental health is at the bottom of their priorities.

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A fit and happy woman resting on an exercise ball

7 Tips for Living a Fit, Healthy, and Blessed Life

Before I can begin to give you tips on how to live a fit, healthy and blessed life, we have to figure out what being fit, healthy, and blessed looks like for you.  When you hear these words, what thoughts come to mind?  I will share my thoughts and feelings about what they mean to me.  

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Rest is important

Why We Need To Rest

When I saw American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from her Olympic events, I learned an important lesson. Even the toughest of us require time to heal, rest, and refuel. So,

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