Team Building Experiences Create Better Employees

I used to work for a tech company and I’ll never forget many of our team-building experiences. It bonded us together as a team and brought us closer to our managers and to each other.

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to manage a team of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, personalities and work styles. However, studies show that a cohesive team is vital for the success of any company.

Team cohesion ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal, communication is more effective, and employees feel a sense of belonging. But how can you as an entrepreneur, bring your team together? The answer is simple, shared experiences.

Let’s explore the power of shared experiences and how it can bring your team together.

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Team Cohesion is Important

Team cohesion is the degree of connection among members of a team. Cohesion brings team members together, and it’s important for entrepreneurs to foster a strong sense of team cohesion. Your team needs to work together effectively to achieve common goals. Team cohesion is often associated with positive outcomes, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity. When employees feel like they belong, they become more productive and show up to work with a positive attitude.

Your Team Wants to Feel They Belong

Employees want to feel that they belong to a team that values their input and opinions. Having a sense of belonging is one of the most basic human needs, and when a team member feels included, it can boost their morale and overall satisfaction with their job. A sense of belonging also creates a level of comfort and trust that encourages team members to communicate more openly, work together more efficiently and problem-solve more effectively.

When the Team is Together They Can Communicate Better

Communication is key to any business’s success, and team members need to communicate effectively to achieve common goals. Shared experiences give team members common ground to open up about their personal lives and connect beyond work. It allows team members to learn more about each other, and subsequently communicate better, both personally and professionally. When team members feel like they can communicate freely, it fosters trust and respect, thus leading to a more cohesive team.

Shared Experiences Create More Loyal Employees

Shared experiences create a sense of camaraderie among team members. It can include anything from after-work drinks to team-building events and retreats. These activities may seem trivial, but they foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration. Employees who feel bonded to their company and their teammates are more likely to stay with the company longer because they feel a sense of loyalty and job security.

Happy Employees Serve Customers Better

Employees who feel valued by their company tend to be happier and more motivated. Happy employees who are engaged in their work will be more attentive to customers’ needs, have a positive attitude, and go above and beyond for their customers. Happier employees lead to happier customers, thus boosting a company’s reputation and profits.


In summary, shared experiences create an environment of familiarity, trust, and loyalty within a team. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize the benefits of team cohesion and work towards it. Shared experiences may seem trivial and unnecessary, but it’s a simple and effective way to bring your team together. Fostering a sense of belonging and trust amongst team members through shared experiences may seem like a small investment, but it can have significant returns for your business in the long run.

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