The 6 Human Needs: Why We Need Certainty as the First

The Need For Certainty | Ways To Create a Sense of Certainty | Unhealthy Ways To Create a Sense of Control

Of the many things personal development master Tony Robbins is known for, one of the concepts I draw most upon is the idea of The Six Human Needs. You may be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is a valuable model. However, Robbin’s Six Human Needs puts a finer point on it. 

The Need For Certainty

Robbins breaks down the six needs into needs of the personality and needs of the spirit. Today I feel inspired to examine the human need for CERTAINTY, arguably the most important need of the personality.

Your brain is biologically wired to keep you safe and alive, and one of the ways it does that is by using environmental cues and experience to attempt to predict what danger may lie ahead. This is why certainty is a fundamental need.

Your brain craves certainty; without it, you can never feel truly prepared for the future. When you feel uncertain, you don’t feel safe, and without feeling safe, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else.

A person from an extremely chaotic background may crave a higher level of certainty and predictability to feel safe. Conversely, someone from that same kind of background may feel uncomfortable with a high level of certainty because they’re so accustomed to the chaos that too much predictability feels confining. These are the fascinating differences between individuals.

Regardless of the level of your desire for it, we all do things out of the need and desire for certainty. Our methods vary from person to person and are either positive and empowering or negative and disempowering. 

6 Positive and Empowering Ways To Create a Sense of Certainty 

Here are some examples of positive and empowering methods for creating a sense of control and certainty: 

  1. A consistent morning and evening routine
  2. A regular meditation, faith, or prayer practice
  3. Investing money into savings and retirement plans regularly
  4. Keeping an orderly and organized home and work environment
  5. Providing your food and shelter
  6. Having a support network of people and other resources available to you in a crisis

 7 Unhealthy Ways Most People Use To Create a Sense of Control

Here are some examples of negative and disempowering methods of creating a sense of control and certainty: 

  1. Hoarding behaviors
  2. Substance abuse 
  3. Consistently attempting to manipulate situations 
  4. Trying to control others’ behavior
  5. Jealousy or clinginess in your relationships
  6. Micromanaging others 
  7. Obsessing over every detail
  8. Over-explaining yourself

When evaluating how you meet your need for certainty, discern if your methods make you feel solid, secure, and empowered. Or does it makes you feel stressed and disempowered? 

If you discover that you meet your need for certainty in ways that are disempowering, congratulations! This is a great opportunity to choose different ways to fill the need but in a healthy, positive way! Shifting your certainty behaviors from disempowering to empowering is possible because YOU are always in charge. 

Health and Arȇte,

Monica Ricci- Contributor at Zone of Genius

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