Small Business Grants Are A Way To Get Free Cash For Your Business

small business financing

Congratulations to three businesses who each won $20,000 from Intuit Quickbooks and Mailchimp. Small business grants are a powerful way for business owners to obtain funding from brands. There’s nothing to repay back and no financial disclosures are needed. Applying for a loan or other traditional financing is quite different.

The three businesses that won the grants are:

  •  Family Faith Transportation (La Place, LA): Inspired by the experience of his mother, owner Carlton Morris developed Faith Transportation to give increased mobility to the elderly and sick so they can access needed services across southern Louisiana. 
  •  MASS Collective (Atlanta, GA): MASS Collective fills the gap for historically underrepresented and under-funded artists, makers, and artisans in Atlanta by providing professional workshop memberships and classes for craftspeople and artisans of all types. 
  • No Fear Cafe (Detroit, MI): No Fear Cafe is a community learning center that provides fun and innovative educational programming to children and adults in marginalized communities, giving members the resources and confidence they need to excel.

So how can your business get a grant or “free money” from a large brand?

  • Keep your eye open for these contests
  • Read the rules of application
  • Apply and apply frequently
  • Use the products of the brands you’re applying for

Here’s a list of some grants often awarded to small business owners, from our friends at Hello Alice

$25k Amazon Grant – Expires May 2023

$50k Famos Amos Grant

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