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Seth Godin is a mentor of mine, in many ways. Many of his books, I have read, as millions have done. I’ve listened to many of his podcasts and videos. A privilege I’ve also had to invite Seth Godin to attend and speak at many of my events.

Why do I like Seth Godin? His focus on freelancers and the small guy and girl – the small business owner. Letting us know that it’s ok to NOT be a big business. Of course, his body of work on marketing, creativity, community building and more.

Seth Godin launched a new community, Purple Space, a place for creators, entrepreneurs and line managers. According to its website, is a place to find the others. A virtual water cooler for daily inspiration, productivity and networking. But with no hype, cold calling or selling. The goal isn’t to gather attention, spread the word or have an argument. Instead, we’re creating a place of actual connection and possibility. It’s designed for people who do three kinds of things :

  • Entrepreneurs in the midst of growing their project, big or small.
  • Freelancers who are working to find and work with better clients.
  • Line managers who are part of a distributed workforce eager to learn and get in sync with others. (This includes non-profits too).

The global shift to remote work, while advantageous on many levels, hasn’t been without its challenges. Yes, workers enjoy the convenience and financial benefits of working from anywhere, and employers can hire talent around the globe. However, the struggle to stay connected and foster creativity from different corners of the world has become more apparent.

In a conversation with renowned entrepreneur and marketing guru Seth Godin, Ramon Ray unpacks these challenges, diving into a discussion of Godin’s latest venture, Purple Space. As entrepreneurs navigate the distributed work terrain, Purple Space offers a solution to the isolation often accompanying remote work.

What Is Purple Space?

Purple Space is not just another online community or social network; it’s the missing piece for the dispersed workforce. It challenges the notion that distributed work must equate to disconnected work. With over 1,000 members worldwide, Purple Space has become a hub where individuals share their dailies, questions, and answers without the intrusion of pitches or promotions.

“Purple Space is the water cooler we have been missing,” Godin explains. “As more and more people work remotely, we’re missing our peers. Add to that the idea that when we are together with other creators, our work gets better.”

As remote work becomes more prevalent, the need for peer connections becomes increasingly evident. Whether you’re a writer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, or another type of creator, collaborating with like-minded peers builds synergy — allowing for creative expression and brainstorming in ways you cannot achieve in isolation.

Why Not a Facebook Group?

With Purple Space, you have access to a mastermind community where you can tap into the knowledge, experience, and expertise of fellow creatives. It functions as a community of practice, where individuals challenge and support each other, leading to personal and professional growth.

Godin’s choice of Discourse — an open-source software he’s optimized for Purple Space —  over mainstream social media platforms like Facebook is deliberate. He highlights the limitations of platforms optimized for quick interactions and glances. Discourse, being ad-free and “calm,” as he puts it, encourages more thoughtful and threaded discussions, aligning with the deeper connections Purple Space seeks to foster.

Mindset Matters

Entering Purple Space requires a specific mindset — generosity and a willingness to contribute without self-promotion. Unlike platforms that encourage quick attention-grabbing techniques, Purple Space demands a different approach. Participants should come with an empty cup, ready to learn and engage authentically.

“Generous doesn’t mean free,” Sodin clarifies. “And generous doesn’t mean you’re giving it away. If you need heart surgery and a complication arises, and the surgeon saves your life, we can say that the surgeon did generous work, even if you got a bill for it.”

Adds Godin, sometimes the most generous thing you can do is charge someone a lot but deliver even more than you promised. When you’re solving a problem for someone else in a way that creates more value than you charge them, that’s the very definition of generosity.

“The only thing that people buy voluntarily is something that they think is worth more than you charge,” Godin says. “So making money is a symptom of solving useful problems.”

How to Get Known in Purple Space

To become an active member of Purple Space, Godin recommends taking on the mindset of generosity and contribution as you actively engage. “Turns out, if you give three pieces of generous feedback, it won’t take long before you get one. And then you’re on your way,” says Godin.

When you get in this generous feedback loop, in time, you’ll attract like-minded yet diverse individuals who share your passion for giving back. On Purple Space, it’s not about careers, nationalities, or appearances but about a generative mindset.

Seth Godin notes that this mindset, showcased in projects like the Carbon Almanac — a source of easy-to-understand, reliable information on climate change for which Seth Godin is a contributor — has changed lives and led to meaningful connections within the community.

Get Started With Purple Space

In a world where superficial online interactions can often overshadow authentic connections, Purple Space offers opportunities to connect, lead, and make a difference. Godin’s vision of a community built on generosity, contribution, and a “pay it forward” mindset offers entrepreneurs a refreshing alternative to mainstream social media.

As we all continue to navigate the complexities of remote work and entrepreneurship, Purple Space is a testament to the power of meaningful human connections in driving personal and professional success.

Explore Purple Space, contribute generously, and embrace the mindset that can transform not only your work but also your entrepreneurial journey. Get started at for $20 weekly, and try your first week for free using code TOGETHER at checkout.

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