Five Morning Habits to Live Your Best Life

Morning habits can set the tone of your day. Have you ever noticed that it can be hard to shift the tide once something is in motion? That’s why learning to set healthy morning habits will help you positively start the day. It also promotes tremendous success in your life and enables you to achieve your goals.

Our mindset can influence outcomes. Therefore, we get more favorable results if we set a positive intention toward the result. In truth, when we have a positive mindset, we focus on positives throughout our day and pay less attention to some adverse events.  

Therefore, living your best life is within your reach. You have control over setting your intention for each day of your life. Successful people start their day with thoughtful morning routines. We have put together a few morning habits that can influence your day.

Outline: Your Best Life | 5 Morning Habits | Final Thoughts

What Is Your Best Life?

The first step is knowing what living your best life means to you. What are you seeking? Do you want to be healthier? Lose weight or land a promotion. Setting goals helps you define what will make you happy. The sky is truly the limit when you set out to live your best life.  

Once you have defined what will make you happier in your life, then you need to set the intention. Psychology Today defines an intention “as a commitment to yourself.” It differs from goal setting in that goals are something to accomplish. An intention is setting a way of “being.” Defining how we want to help in shaping what we become. 

It sounds a little challenging, doesn’t it? It is not when you have the tools to help you accomplish this.

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Five Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life

Here are five morning habits that promote your ability to live your best life:

1. Start Your Day Early 

The best habits in the morning begin with starting your day early. You can set your alarm for at least 30 minutes before you need to get up. Rising just 30 minutes early (yes, even on the weekends) over a year will give you over 182 hours of productive time to commit to your goals. 

Read that again…182 hours! This practice makes getting up early one of the most effective morning habits to live your best life! Think of all that you can accomplish with this time. 

However, It is essential to be intentional with this time. You don’t want to watch TV or lounge around. Instead, use this time to engage in an activity dedicated to one of your life goals. You can exercise, write, and read. Any activities during this time must align with your success goals.

The truth is there are many reasons to be an early riser. However, it is essential to make it a purposeful one.  

2. Reflect and Launch Your Focus for the Day

Healthy morning habits begin with having an expectation and focus for the day. When the alarm goes off, do not immediately launch out of bed. Take a few minutes to reflect upon the focus you wish to set for the day. During this time, you can define what your intention will be. 

Determining your focus through an affirmation or mantra can also be helpful. Your affirmation can be a statement that you reflect on or repeat internally throughout the day. For example, “I am confident. I can achieve ___ goals today.” 

It may be helpful to write this down. Perhaps, you could keep a journal by your bedside and jot down your morning affirmations daily. Writing your affirmations can help you create a great resource to boost your difficult days. Highlight those that are particularly helpful for you and use them more often! Thus, creating a great resource to boost you on difficult days.

3. Take Some Time Alone

Good morning habits require that you have an internal focus. Therefore, avoid external influences first thing in the morning. Use this as your time for quiet introspection. To achieve this, you have to rise before the other people in your home. If you have children, it is your time to be you, not a mom or dad. 

In addition, avoid your phone, social media, and emails. Best yet, do not even pick up your phone except to shut off your alarm. The truth is that we are bombarded throughout the day with influences that may cause negative reflections on our own lives. Social media only shows the highlight reels from your network’s life, not the day-to-day doldrums. Most times, content from social media can influence our day and may cause negative reflections on our own lives. 

A morning habit of comparing, even unconsciously, your life to the lives of others will sabotage your goal of living your best life. Therefore, setting aside time during your day to respond to these external influences is vital.

Also, do not allow emails or chats to interfere with your set goals during your work days. Too much information coming in serves as a distraction to getting tasks and projects accomplished.

4. Set Your Goals for the Day 

Morning habits of successful people include goal setting. While intentions are different than goals, goal setting is important too. Establishing goals for our day will help to structure and ensure good outcomes. But here is the problem, we set too many goals. 

Setting realistic expectations for yourself promotes feelings of accomplishment and success. Sure, you can have a list of long-term goals, but putting them on the list of things you want to accomplish today can feel defeating. Instead of listing everything you need to achieve in life, focus on what you can accomplish today.  

You can set deadlines that you need to meet and tasks you need to complete. At the top of the list, write down the activities that should not wait another day. Also, these can be fun activities too. We should always schedule time for those tasks we enjoy! Being able to cross off all the activities on our to-do list offers a sense of satisfaction. 

5. Start Your Day With Gratitude 

Perhaps one of the best habits for your morning routine is to start the day with a sense of gratitude. Before setting off on your day, take a few moments and express gratitude for the day.  Identify one to two things that make you thankful for the day you are facing. It may be seeing the sunrise or the quiet of the morning. Consider making this a daily practice.

Harvard Health reports that being grateful makes you happier in life and cites that considerable research shows that this simple practice can improve our health, foster better relationships, and support us when we face hard times. To further promote the benefits of this morning habit, write the things you are grateful for in a gratitude journal.

Final Thoughts

We have the power to live our best lives. Healthy morning routines will set the tone for the day, and by establishing these five morning habits, you can control the outcome of each day. Choose one of these morning habits to start today.

Live, love, take chances,


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