Breakfast with Champions

Breakfast with Champions – Resolve Unresolved Issues; Get Control of Your Schedule – 1 Nov 2022

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You, Yes You! Leave More Than Just An Inheritance!! (TM Hyman)

You need a Morning Routine! Here’s Why. (Glenn Lundy)

4 Simple Strategies For You to Get Control of Your Schedule, Your Day, and Your Life (David Hill)

Own Yourself So That You Can Own the Day (Michael Zeller)

Learn How To Get The Most Out of Your Time To Get Everything in Life (Mike “CRoc” Ciorrocco)

Preparing for 2023: How To Resolve Those Unresolved Issues (Sally Colon and Amilya Antonetti)

You, Yes You! Leave More Than Just An Inheritance!! (TM Hyman)

Sometimes, it isn’t only about starting and finishing the day and your life. That is why you must think about how you plan to finish your race. There is a difference between ‘inheritance’ and ‘legacy.’ Both are left behind at the end. But one is more important and special than the other. 

You need to leave an impact before you go! Especially when you refer to yourself as a leader, you must refrain from becoming consumed with the temporary. Your plan or vision should not be temporary gain, success, or heritage. 

One thing leads to another, but only a vision that outlives the present or lives up to eternity will qualify as a ‘legacy.’ You need to set your watch on something that lasts forever, not just in the present. Anyone can leave an inheritance – it’s not that special. It can be $50, $60, or $100. Yes, it could be a house, a car, or even $1,000,000,000. But no matter how large an inheritance is, it will eventually fade. Inheritance fades, and legacy lasts. How you start is how you would finish – own your life!

What are the differences between legacy and inheritance?

  1. Legacy is something you leave IN your family and loved ones. Inheritance is what you leave TO them.
  2. An inheritance is a temporary gain like money, assets, etc. A legacy is permanently transforming. 
  3. An inheritance can only be left to a few people. A legacy can be left for the entire world.
  4. ‘Legacy’ lives on after you are dead and gone – lasting through generations. Inheritance can only survive one generation at its best. 

Ask yourself what permanent transformation did your presence leave in others? An activity becomes an achievement. So what did you achieve with all your activities? What will others remember you for when you are gone? 

It’s not bad to make money, but you must leave things that are not temporary. People will never forget the principles, impacts, and information. 

Bullet points (up to 5): 

  • Your existence must leave an impact.
  • Your legacy is established and will continue to yield. Inheritance can be forgotten.
  • Your legacy is the legs of your purpose.
  • Inheritance can last for a while but will fade. ‘Legacy’ lasts longer.
  • How you start is how you will finish. Own your life!

You need a Morning Routine! Here’s Why. (Glenn Lundy)

What’s crazy about life is that none of it happens according to the plan if not for the morning routine you put together. It gives you a pattern from when you wake up till when you go back to bed, and it also allows you to do things that many other people can’t do. Your morning routine is a ‘reset’ button you can look forward to every day. But more than that, it helps you realize that you are achieving your goals with every single day that you complete your routine. 

When you have a morning routine, it shapes who you are physically, emotionally and mentally. This way, when things don’t go the way they should, you will remain in control of your emotions. This can only be so because your foundation, your ground or footing, is your morning routine. 

The importance of the phrase ‘in the beginning’ is so vital that it was mentioned up to 107 times in the Bible. The beginning of something is a vital part of its essence. ‘Beginning’ is the point in time or space at which something starts. WHERE you start, WHEN you start, and WHYyou start is incredibly important. But ‘where,’ ‘when,’ and ‘why’ is not as important as ‘HOW’ you start. ‘How’ you start is crucial to all success at every level. 

In the olden times when humans didn’t have electricity, sunrise marked the beginning and sundown meant you were done. Sunrise depicted survival. People celebrated the sunrise  because they had worked hard to thrive and get the work done. So when the sun shines, it’s a new day. 

However, now that electricity exists, it’s hard for people to acknowledge the importance of the sunrise (morning).  There is no still, no stop and no celebration of the sunrise because we never turn it off. 

So you need to have a still moment to have a morning routine. You need to go to sleep to wake up. Morning routine shapes the foundation of who you are, it protects you, forms you, and it disciplines you, but first, you need to go to bed. Make your morning routine a priority over everything because how you start your day transforms the entirety of YOU! 

Bullet points (up to 5):

  • The beginning of your day is about where, when, why, and how you start. 
  • Nothing in your day can start until you wake up.
  • What makes the difference between you and everybody is your morning routine.
  • Your morning routine shapes who you are throughout the rest of the day.
  • Remember to allot some time to instill stillness into your morning routine.

4 Simple Strategies For You to Get Control of Your Schedule, Your Day, and Your Life (David Hill)

One thing that we all have in common is that we have the exact same amount of time each day. Do you make the most out of your time? There are four simple strategies that can help you get control of your schedule, your day, and your life:

  1. Set it. Start by setting some standards for yourself. Standard is what time you’re going to set for yourself during the day for certain activities like taking phone calls or having dinner. Your first goal of the day is the alarm that you set the night before. This means that when you hit the ‘snooze’ button, you are saying no to the first goal you’ve set yourself for the day. If you start your day in this way, this is how your entire day is going to go. So, you need to make sure you never ignore your first goal for the day.
  2. Plan it. If you want to wake up earlier, you have to go to bed earlier. And if you go to bed earlier, you might have to give up other things you love doing before going to bed… or you can start planning your day better. Find a time to sit down with yourself and plan your schedule. 
  3. Block it. Remember that if something is not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist. Your calendar is a system. Your system can be your planner that you write every day in. A system is something you use but you have to plan it first, especially if you want to achieve something you want. If you haven’t had a calendar so far and want to start one, begin with the events and tasks that can’t be moved. The next thing you need to plan is your personal time be it vacations, date nights, or time with your children. 
  4. Protect it. You need to create a bunker around yourself sometimes so that you can work with no distractions. This could mean bringing snacks and/or beverages close to your work desk and removing the things that would distract you during your work hours. 

The only other thing you need to protect in order to be in full control of your life is your health. Our bodies are constantly changing and that’s why we need to do health tests every year. Last year, David didn’t feel well and went through numerous tests until one helped him identify the problem and get back on track. You can find out more about the health test David did at If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out to David. They offer advice on what specific supplements your body is missing and suggest a diet for you to follow, as well. 

Bullet points (up to 5):

  • Never ignore your first goal for the day.
  • Find a planner that works best for you (David can recommend one if needed, just DM him)
  • If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist.
  • Create a force field around yourself so you can work with no distractions.

Besides waking up early, the number one thing that you should take care of is your health. You can find out more about the health test that David recommended at

Own Yourself So That You Can Own the Day (Michael Zeller)

Michael went through the four key categories that are key to starting your day in a connected manner: mind, body, spirit, and relationships. He starts each day by stretching, taking a cold shower, and getting a bit of caffeine to create alertness in his body. Then he goes out to get some light – this signals the onset of the day to his body. He believes that when it comes to your body, you need to work with the system you’ve been given, not against it. This way you’ll be focused, engaged and alert, not scattered. It’s equally important to take some time in the morning to greet your partner. This way you’ll start your day as a fresh beginning. 

When it comes to conquering the day, one of the most important things is how you ended the day before. Research shows that when you are sleep deprived, it compares to being intoxicated. How can you end your day so that you can roll into the next one full of energy? There are four key rules that Michael follows: 

  1. Avoid blue light, especially one or two hours before going to bed. 
  2. Do not eat anything in the last couple of hours before bedtime.
  3. Avoid any activity that may stimulate your brain 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  4. End your day in a state of gratitude, or in a calm state where you feel connected with your higher self.

Thereafter, David encouraged the room members to share their routines to conquer the day. Kimberly shared that she begins each day with a simple but powerful practice: she thanks God, breathes, and pauses. Then she stretches her body to center herself. All of this takes just a couple of seconds but it allows her to get full control of the day ahead. She also sets an intention from the night before because the intention enables one to lead themselves with a mission toward their goals.

On that note, David shared his belief that it’s the little intentional things that set the trajectory for the rest of your day and ultimately your life. Our lives are a product of our days and our days are a product of our minutes. How are you gonna finish your day today? What are you going to carry from this year into the next?

We own the day by owning ourselves. Ask yourself, how am I going to own myself amidst challenges? If you don’t have powerful inner confidence, then one of the things you have to anchor in is how you see yourself. If you consider yourself powerful, you project that into your identity and make that vision part of reality. If you want to have a champion mindset, practice finishing the sentence “I am”. 

Finish the sentence “I am”. The word you chose to add is what you are going to become. Because here’s the thing: when you proclaim who you want to become, you are speaking that destiny into existence. 

Bullet points (up to 5):

  • There are four key categories that you need to take care of in order to start your day in a connected manner: mind, body, spirit, and relationships.
  • What you’re allowing in your life is what you become. 
  • You own the day by owning yourself.
  • Finish the sentence “I am”. When you proclaim who you want to be, you speak that vision into existence.

You can read Michael’s article “6 Steps to Owning Your Genius” at

Learn How To Get The Most Out of Your Time To Get Everything in Life (Mike “CRoc” Ciorrocco)

Oftentimes people deal with seasonal depression depending on what time of the year it is, also known as ‘holiday blues’. How can we avoid that? The way C-Roc avoids that is by thinking about each and every moment and trying to make the most out of it. He often reaches out to people on Clubhouse and asks them to do a 15-minute call so he can get to know them. How does he get the most out of a 15-minute call? First, he shares his intention for the call, and from there, he asks the person three questions: 

  1. What is the one thing you’ve done in the past that you are proud of? 
  2. What are you doing right now that gets you excited?
  3. What is your vision for the future? 

These three questions are like an agenda that can help you connect with anyone and find out where they currently are, what their goal is, and how you can help them achieve it. The questions focus on the past, present, and future. That is because if you’re 100% focused on the present, you’re not going to go where you want to go. You need to be focused on the goal instead.

Remember that you can accomplish anything but you can’t do everything. Instead of trying to do everything, keep things simple and stay focused. If you’re not good at something, you need to do it until you’re in a position where you can get somebody to do it for you. Make sure to document the process that helped you scale so that you duplicate that process later. You can start by documenting what you’re doing on a daily basis. Just keep it simple and stay focused.

How often do you feel overwhelmed or like you are running in a million different directions? Here’s the thing: it happens to us all. What we need to do is acknowledge it, accept it, and then take action. Once you have acknowledged that you’re not in a good place, you can commit to moving forward, and take consistent actions in that direction. Pay attention to what you’re focusing on because when you focus on something, you’re giving it power. That is why your thoughts, words, actions, and your environment matter. 

We have the power to inject the vision for ourselves into our own life. In fact, we are already doing it unknowingly. Why are we not using this power more intentionally? Why are we not being more intentional about the life we want? Because we are not willing to give up the habits or things we need to give up in order to have the life we want. The truth is you need to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Be willing to give up the things that you want but don’t need so you can achieve your goals. It might feel hard at first. But the things that we go through, both good and bad, are preparing us for success. When you are convinced that you deserve the great things you dream of, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Bullet points (up to 5):

  • When you focus on something, you are giving it power.
  • When you don’t feel in a good place, all you need to do is acknowledge how you feel, accept it, and then take action.
  • As you are working towards your goal, make sure to document the process so that you. duplicate the steps later.
  • Be willing to give up the things you need to give up in order to achieve your goal.

Preparing for 2023: How To Resolve Those Unresolved Issues (Sally Colon and Amilya Antonetti)

How do you deal with unresolved issues in your day-to-day life? Just as Sally Colon noted, “You are solving the wrong problem if you don’t know what is happening”

New year signifies new beginnings, but it’s sad how most people dwell in the past. If you are clinging onto things from the past, how you hold onto them, the attachment to those things dictates your future. Most times, those things stop you from growing forward and can make you feel stuck. Now the real question is, what are you holding onto? Making peace with your problems will help you get rid of those unresolved issues and live forward. 

Sally Colon and Amilya Antonetti identify some of the ways people continue to live backward:

Loneliness: Loneliness is a very human feeling that can eat deep into our inner self without coming to the full realization of the destruction it’s causing on the inside. When you are lonely, you disconnect and disassociate. 

99% of people refuse to admit that they feel lonely because loneliness is often perceived as a weakness to mankind. People often mistake loneliness as being alone. Loneliness is happening as a result of a default habit, while being alone is a choice. It’s okay to want to be alone, but loneliness, if not paid attention to, can be destructive. It can sometimes lead to depression and anxiety. 

Here are some important questions to ask yourself: what triggers loneliness for me; what value do I attach to loneliness; what helps me get through my loneliness? Learn the habit of attaching loneliness to something outside of yourself. Most people desire to become a better version of themselves but can’t because they haven’t addressed the issue of loneliness in their life.

Workaholism: Being in a situation where you need to work hard to feel significant is not ideal. Workaholics often end up disconnecting from their loved ones. The self-limiting belief pertaining to hard work always resulting in a “happily ever after” kind of life can be depressing if the promised outcome doesn’t actually fruition. People often tend to ignore how they feel deep inside, which is why they end up immersing themselves at work.

Amilya stated ” growing up was hard because of how insignificant I felt” and this has caused so many people to end up lonely. Take a moment starting today to ask yourself why you’re going through what you’re going through. While it may prove difficult to face your issues, moving forward to resolve these ensures self-growth.

Bullet points (up to 5):

  • It is important for you to refresh and prepare for the new year.
  • Help people stop living backward and start living forward.
  • It is human to feel varied emotions but your response to those emotions dictates how good your life becomes.
  • The vice doesn’t matter, it’s the behavior towards the problem you’re addressing that matters.