Meta’s New AI Tools Can Help You Have Fun and Be More Productive

Meta’s new sets of AI tools are set to help you have fun and be more productive.

In addition to their products, Meta is introducing a new set of AI tools. These helpful tools include an image generator, photo editing features, and improved birthday greetings. Let’s delve into what these new tools are, what makes them fun, and how they improve productivity.

A Brief on the Social Media Giant

Meta has been an early investor in generative AI technology. Furthermore, the metaverse was a part of more comprehensive plans to enable a more immense social connection. Consequently, the creation of a large language model called LLaMA added efficiency to the technology.

Subsequently, Meta has been successful in capitalizing on these explorations for years, and the new generative AI features will be visibly incorporated into Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Introducing the All-In-One Meta AI Virtual Assistant

Meta is launching these new sets of AI tools across all its product lines. For example, it can be seen in searches, social discovery, ads, business messaging, and the like. The launching was intended primarily to:

  • Improve business collaboration
  • Enhance automation
  • Create better image generation capabilities.

The Meta AI Virtual Assistant contains all the necessary features. It was designed to answer inquiries and generate realistic images. More importantly, this new AI can also be incorporated into other Meta products like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. The Meta AI is user-friendly and can be accessed in just one click. All you have to do is click Meta AI and ask questions or instruct it to perform a specific task.

What Are the New AI Tools?

Meta is launching several new features in addition to Imagine. Many of these are incorporated into existing products. Nevertheless, the following are features that grab the spotlight.

Collaboration on a Generated Images

This new feature was named Reimagined. Similarly, the feature allows the user to generate images using the Meta AI and upload them in chat. Surprisingly, Reimagined will now enable other users to edit the picture and put something on it, unlike the old feature that cannot be edited.

For instance, if someone has uploaded a picture of the newest soap product in town, then viewers can now edit the image and, let’s say, put a price tag on it or something of a description that will enhance the product’s appearance. This feature can be beneficial for business owners to increase collaboration and improve their operations undoubtedly.

Birthday Greetings Made Even More Touching

Messaging capabilities are now even more in touch with meta-generative AI. This new feature digs into old posts from data and provides suggestions to make birthday greetings more meaningful. In this case, the user will be allowed to draft a basic greeting. Then, afterward, the Meta AI can update and enhance the post.

The generative MetaAI can also create and share images that can be readily customized when needed, besides updating birthday greetings. Likewise, Meta AI can also assist human employees with repetitive and data-oriented tasks.

Images Converted to Stories

Meta AI has been helpful in converting images automatically, like image converter and other photo apps. Meta AI can now readily convert picture layouts from landscape to portrait and vice versa following its invention. Likewise, the new technology was able to crop the image and cut out less important details.

The generative AI automation technique also self-analyzes the image to fill out the needed information. Most importantly, this enables small business owners to save time and cost that can be used for emergencies and other purposes such as wages and benefits.

Capturing Publicly-Posted Reels

Reels are important for small business owners as they can boost reach and engagement with target consumers. Most importantly, it introduces and showcases the product that they are selling.

For that reason, the new AI can help small business owners include publicly posted reels to introduce their brands or any services they are offering. For example, including Instagram reels that showcase best sellers and customer stories, those sharing small tips save time and capital.

The Power of Highly Efficient AI Tools

AI tools are very important for small business owners to be more engaging to target customers and be productive. The new Meta AI tools are much more efficient Than other AI technologies. Harnessing the power of Meta’s new series of AI tools can improve customer service, which is the heart and strength of any business.

Small business owners are sure to predict an increase in productivity with the new Meta AI series. Thus, using highly efficient AI such as Meta technology is not only exciting but can save much time and help reduce costs.

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