Here’s Why You’re Constantly Hiring The Wrong People

Hiring - Lisa Ealy

If you’ve got 99 problems, don’t let HR be one — that’s the message Lisa Ealy would like to share with anyone seeking people solutions for their organizations. As an expert in HR strategy and career development, Lisa sat down with Ramon Ray recently to share her insights on the intricacies of hiring the right talent and scaling your business with a rockstar team. Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation.

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Removing the Hurt for Hiring

Lisa, a prominent figure in the field of HR, has established her reputation by helping small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies build, grow, and scale their teams.

Under the umbrella of parent company Purple Squirrel Group, for which Lisa serves as CEO, the HR for Profit brand helps companies eliminate team problems, strategize for success, and implement talent management solutions that propel businesses forward.

Simultaneously, Lisa has a talent for assisting individuals in finding their dream opportunities — thus helping talent and employers alike in meeting their goals.

When Lisa works with organizations, it involves a multi-step process that includes:

  • Conducting an HR Profit Check Up Call or an HR Audit to clarify an organization’s goals and vision and identify HR profit gaps
  • Delivering a detailed assessment of gaps and a prospectus based on the goals and vision
  • Getting started with the PDCA Formula: Plan, Do, Check Act

Aligning for Success

Stemming from Lisa’s financial background, HR for Profit emphasizes the connection between human resources and an organization’s profitability. In her years of leading HR teams for major corporations, Lisa recognized the importance of aligning HR strategies with financial goals.

It all begins with an organization’s leadership having a solid understanding of how they make money and how they lose money. From there, they need to be clear on their mission and values. In other words, why does the organization even exist?

Lisa takes that information and overlays it with a “four C” framework, which is connection, clarification, culture, and compliance — with the goal of understanding how a business operates under those four areas.

“And then for good measure, depending on the organization, we add a fifth one, which is creativity, which is also innovation,” adds Lisa. “And that’s where things like ChatGPT come from.”

Unlocking the Potential of Career Growth

Lisa’s expertise extends beyond hiring employees; it encompasses contractors, interns, and even the unique concept of “boomerang” hiring, where former employees are brought back into the fold.

She is also a career competence coach. When it comes to career growth, she encourages individuals to begin with a personal professional development plan. This plan serves as a roadmap for where one wants to be, providing direction and purpose.

Lisa emphasizes that career growth should not be limited by external factors; values and goals are equally important. Lisa shares an example of a car dealership. Why does this dealership exist? Getting to the bottom of that question can help employees align with the mission and achieve greater success.

“The values question is probably one of the most important things because you can’t train values. You can train compliance,” says Lisa, adding that values align with culture. “And if a person just doesn’t have it, it is the hardest rock to push up the hill.”

Lisa believes you could take someone with the right values and turn them into the best salesperson who will kill it selling either a $4,000 Mercedes or a $50,000 Mercedes, as long as their values are aligned.

Bottom line: As long as the values are there, you can train up a person to operate at whatever level you need for your organization. Furthermore, you’ll avoid a mismatch of values — one of the biggest issues that Lisa finds in businesses of all sizes.

Innovating for the Future

Lisa acknowledges the expanding influence of AI and chatbots in talent acquisition but stresses the significance of personalization and innovation in HR. She urges organizations to involve their teams in decision-making, fostering a culture where employee input is valued. Innovative strategies, such as flexible work arrangements and creative incentives, are essential to accommodate the evolving needs of the workforce.

With Lisa’s emphasis on values, alignment, and innovation, organizations of all sizes have a roadmap for not only hiring top talent but also leveling up profits and helping professionals navigate their career paths. To learn more about Lisa Ely and her expertise, visit HR for Profit.

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