Bad Work Habits to Watch Out For

Whether you work in an office or from home, some bad work habits may slow you down at work. And may even cost you your job.

There is no perfect worker or human. That’s because a lot of factors influence our job performance. It could be our upbringing, experience, or life crisis at different stages of our lives.

However, when it’s time for work, there are certain things you can avoid for maximum results. Consequently, it will bolster your workflow for you, your colleagues, and the organization.

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Six Bad Work Habits To Avoid

Here are some bad habits to watch out for at work:

1. Procrastination

Procrastination is one bad habit that seems hard to put off. But then, it starts by pushing even the smallest plan or chore ahead. 

Do you say things like “I can do it later” or “I still have time?” Have you noticed that you end up working in a rush because of it?

Procrastination slows you down and makes you do poor jobs due to the rush that comes after.

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2. Embracing distractions.

Distractions can come in different forms. It could be your TV, phone, interactions, or multitasking—all of which you can control.

When it’s time for work, try to stay focused. Learn to say no to conversations that will take your time. Drop your phone and ignore that TV show to improve your focus.

Multitasking keeps you from focusing on your tasks. This is because carrying out too many assignments may get you poor results on all of them.

3. Not taking breaks the right way.

Some individuals take little or no breaks at work. In contrast, some people take longer breaks. Here’s the downside. Longer breaks cause you to lose focus on what you were working on. However, taking short or no breaks may cause you to burn out easily.

Taking breaks at intervals does help boost creativity. Don’t just sit alone at lunchtime. Eat with your colleagues. Also, ask them about their experience on the topic to get ideas.

You can also take a walk to refresh your mind.

4. Starting with no plan in mind.

Working without writing a list of things to achieve for the day keeps you busy but not productive. You may waste more time figuring out what to start with or do.

It makes you disorganize. Therefore, you may end up forgetting the important task you have. Proper planning and scheduling of your task can fix this habit.

5. Sending the wrong message.

Communication skills matter a lot in the work environment. It includes both verbal and non-verbal communication, expressions, and body language.

If you see work as a place to learn and improve, communication will also improve. It means that you are willing to perform at your best, ask questions and receive constructive criticism from your boss and colleagues.

However, communication might get awkward if you see yourself as someone who knows it all. You might flare up, hold a grudge, or even quit when corrected.

Paying attention and responding appropriately to your coworkers is also a communication skill.

6. Being a regular latecomer.

It’s hard to focus on work when you arrive late. Coming late to work or starting late if you work from home can slow you down.

It makes you look unserious with your job. You might even get your colleagues angry if they always have to cover for you. You may also find yourself getting to work with no plan. 

Going early to work helps you plan and work calmly.

Check out 8 Habits of Super-Productive People Who Work From Home by Thomas Oppong at Thrive global if you work from home.

Finally, you don’t have to get it right after reading this. Just ensure you go back to your task when you realize your bad habit is taking over.


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