Zoho Launches New Tools for Solo Business Owners

Zoho Start
Zoho Start

Small business owners — specifically solo business owners — continue to be challenged in growing their businesses.

Many of them find it even just a challenge to start. Should they incorporate it? How to do so. What about the essential tools a solo business owner needs when they don’t even have their first customer? Today, Zoho continues its fight for solo business owners.

Zoho Start will help business owners form their first businesses. It’s now in beta and, when fully launched, will have pre-built applications to get the smallest of small businesses up and running. Legal documents and EINs are just a few things Zoho Start will help businesses with.

Zoho Solo will be that simple start to help business owners with the fundamental and easy start tools they need to start and manage their day-to-day business needs.

The full suite of tools Zoho is launching includes:

  • Zoho Start 
  • Zoho Publish 
  • Zoho Tables
  • Zoho Solo

These tools are designed to assist solopreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs in starting, building, and running their businesses.

In the United States alone, nearly 5 million businesses are established each year, with 80% being owned by sole entrepreneurs. Therefore, there is a need for cost-efficient and effective tools for entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality.

Zoho Start

Business formation is essential, and Zoho Start helps entrepreneurs navigate the process of filing necessary legal documents and paperwork. This includes applying for Employer Identification Numbers and mapping out state-specific business guidelines.

Once out of beta, Zoho Start will allow pre-built integrations across various Zoho applications such as Zoho Books, Zoho Domains, and Zoho Voice. Zoho Books is free for the first year for those who use Zoho Start to launch their business and help manage finances. Zoho Domains helps establish an online presence, and Zoho Voice offers telephony services.

Zoho Publish

Getting listed on Google is essential for many business owners. Zoho Publish enables businesses to publish their information on listing services like Google Maps and review sites. It provides visibility to newly-formed businesses. Users can monitor and respond to customer feedback and learn from analytics that drive better visibility.

Zoho Tables combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of an application in an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for teams. Zoho Solo offers a seamless mobile-only experience that allows users to manage customers, finances, tasks, and activities across customers.

Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist, states that the company is committed to serving businesses from their earliest days through every growth stage and as they blossom into an enterprise.

These new tools and services are the latest ways the company supports entrepreneurs throughout their business journey, making the first steps as founders and entrepreneurs as seamless and easy as possible.

With Zoho Start, entrepreneurs can jumpstart their new ventures with the knowledge that Zoho can support their operations with additional services and an expansive network of partners.

Zoho Corporation designed its new applications to assist entrepreneurs in starting, building, and running their businesses. There is a need for cost-efficient and practical tools to transform business ideas into reality. Zoho’s commitment to serving businesses from their earliest days through every growth stage makes them essential partners throughout the business journey.

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