Zoho’s Bigin Makes a “No Excuse CRM” For Small Businesses

Zoho Bigin

Zoho updates Bigin, its flagship CRM software designed for small businesses. While many small businesses are leveraging the power of CRM, so many more are not.

Using Excel, sticky notes, email, or other tools to serve your customers is NOT the way to go. It’s ineffective, inefficient, and slows down your business.

With this update of Bigin, Zoho is showing its continued commitment to supporting and serving the entire stack of small business needs.

Why Is CRM So Important?

Keeping track of WHO your customers are is important, but that’s just the start.

There are so many touch points a business has with its customers. This includes sales deals, support tickets, customer onboarding, order delivery, customer testimonials, contracts, and more.

So many times, we open up a separate document to track a different aspect of our business. This is not good, and it’s not scalable. Your team doesn’t have collective insight into the customer.

If your team is NOT connected, your business is not connected.

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About Bigin

One thing really powerful about Zoho Bigin is its interface, and ability to walk you through the deals in your pipeline is powerful.

Here’s more:

  • Track sales with multiple pipelines
  • Leads and customer management
  • Manage daily tasks
  • Workflow automation
  • and more…

So many CRM tools only focus on SALES, but what about the rest of your business? Zoho Bigin solves that.

Bigin starts at $7 per user per month, which is affordable for small businesses.

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