7 Ways to Refresh From Work This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, will come some reprieve from the “usual” work routines.

Whether you work remotely or in an office, the holidays offer an opportunity to slam the laptop shut and unplug, and not just from your devices. 

Studies show that time off can make people more productive once they return to work. However, knowing how to put work aside is one thing, but knowing what kind of relaxation you need can be something else entirely. This is because, when it comes to rest, there are actually 7 types of rest that we need.

Here are seven ways to do more than unplug from work, situations, and circumstances that are actually draining your battery. Now that’s a vacation! 

7 Ways to Refresh from Work

1. Recharge and Refuel Your Body

Physical rest can be active or passive. So recharging your body can look like waking up naturally without setting an alarm, going for a light walk, taking a yoga class, hydrating, or fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs. Pay attention to how your body responds to this rest and how you feel as a result. Chances are, there will be some practices here that you can implement when you return to work.

2. Unplug From People and Situations That Drain Your Battery

Average Americans work 34.5 hours a week, and now, with remote and hybrid working options, this can seem to be a much larger time investment than it actually is. And unfortunately, working in a remote setting doesn’t protect you from office politics, corporate culture shortcomings, or draining co-workers. This also applies to individuals outside of your workplace, too. 

These situations and people can impact how we feel more than we realize. In fact, the mental energy we can invest in mustering up the courage to talk to certain colleagues or, in some cases, avoid them can be draining. 

The holidays will allow you to break from this pattern. During this time, observe how you feel mentally without the pressure of corporate politics in your daily life.

Group of friends hanging out together

3. Put the Devices Away 

It can be overwhelmingly tempting to check in with work via emails or the team Slack channel during days off, but try to resist the temptation. Even a quick “check-in” can take one out of a relaxing state and put them back into “work mode.” It happens, and it’s so easy to fall back into. Permission to allow yourself some grace for this. 

Keeping off social media and taking a device break should also apply to personal accounts. Taking a holiday from the sometimes tempestuous nature of online engagement can help you truly relax and soak in the holiday downtime. Most of all, you can be present for yourself and your loved ones. 

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4. Dive Into Passions 

When we are mired down in work, we often don’t have time to curl up with a good book, finish a TV series we’ve been interested in, or create something that is not work-related. The holiday break allows us time to do what sets our souls on fire.

There is a reason why the best ideas come to us when we’re taking a walk or when we’re in the shower. This is because we are actually allowing ourselves the space for creative ideas to rush in! This doesn’t have to be painting the next Picasso, and it could be as simple as baking or wanting to redecorate your bedroom!

5. Permission to Not Always Be “Fine, Thanks.”

Are you often the person that receives the first phone call from a friend who needs something? Are you constantly fighting the disease to please? You have a sister on the path here. The little pangs of resentment that you may feel from time to time which eventually develop into a burst of frustration, is an indicator that some solid boundaries need to be established. 

Permission to feel not okay and permission to set a boundary of putting your phone on Do Not Disturb during the holidays. That very break from being everyone’s go-to person can do a world of good for your nervous system and give you that emotional rest you need.

6. Make Special Plans With Your People

Making plans concept illustrated with a calendar and a mini-clock

One of the best things about the holiday season is that there is no shortage of memory-making moments to take part in. Take the time to schedule special outings or gatherings, even if it’s just as simple as a drive around to take in the holiday light displays. The most important ingredient of this memory-making is the people you chose to create this memory with. This type of social rest allows you to be able to fill your time with the right kind of energy, even if this means some much-needed me time. 

7. Embrace the Time Given 

Slowing down during the holidays and finding time to relax may take some pre-thought. It’s imperative that you don’t overschedule yourself or try to shove too much creativity or “to-do’s” into the holiday break. Embrace the time that is allotted for the holidays and be okay with simply doing nothing. Forget the clock, forget the calendar, and just simply be. Incorporate prayer, meditation, or some form of community into your time, as this will nurture the sense of belonging that we need to feel. 

Final Thoughts

The holidays are a time to be with the ones you love and make lasting memories, but they are also a necessary reprieve from the daily hustle and bustle. By making the most of the relaxation time you are being given, you can start the New Year refreshed and ready to take on anything life or work throws at you. 

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