Overcome Fear to Develop Your Skills and Achieve Success

I kept telling myself I would leave the United Nations. I almost never did. The only reason I “left”, is because I was fired. Fired for having my own side business. Fear kept me back and it might be holding you back too.

Fear can be a tricky thing – it can hold us back from achieving our goals and limit our potential. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s essential to continue developing and refining our skill sets to keep up in a rapidly changing world. However, many of us may feel hesitant to pursue new skills because of fear of failure or the unknown. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s crucial not to let fear stop you from developing new skills and how to take actionable steps towards your skill development journey. Dr. Eric Thomas had an email newsletter recently which touched on some of these points.

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Embrace the Mindset of a Learner

The first key to overcoming fear is to adopt a growth mindset. Instead of being held back by limitations, it’s essential to recognize that we can learn and grow. Embrace the mindset of a learner who is willing to try new things, make mistakes, and keep going. Celebrate your successes, but also acknowledge areas for growth.

Identify Your Goals

The second critical step is to identify your goals. What skills or knowledge do you need to achieve those goals? Make a list of the necessary skills, and ask yourself, “What is stopping me from developing these skills?” Once you identify these barriers, you can work on overcoming them.

Take Actionable Steps

A third way to overcome fear is to take actionable steps. Break down your goals into manageable steps, and set deadlines for yourself. Try to devote a specific amount of time each day or week to your skill development journey. Find courses, online tutorials, workshops, or books to help you learn. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes and ask questions.

Seek Feedback and Advice

The fourth key is to seek feedback and advice from your support system. Reach out to mentors who have experience in your field. Join groups and networks of like-minded individuals who are on similar journeys. Attend seminars or conferences to meet new people, exchange ideas and learn new perspectives. By doing this, you may receive valuable feedback and gain new insights that can help you advance your skills.

Don’t Give Up

Finally, don’t give up. It’s normal to experience setbacks, but don’t let them derail you. Keep learning, adjusting, and growing. Always remember the ultimate goal that you’ve set for yourself and keep pushing forward, even when it’s hard. Developing new skills and knowledge takes time, dedication, and effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

We all have the potential to learn and grow. However, fear can get in the way. By embracing a growth mindset, identifying our goals, taking actionable steps towards skill development, seeking feedback and advice, and not giving up, we can overcome our fear and achieve success. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s essential to continue developing our skills to stay ahead of the game. Remember, don’t let fear hold you back. Embrace the challenge and keep pushing yourself forward.

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