Unlocking Human Potential: A Conversation With Mindvalley’s Chief Growth Officer

Mindvalley - Marisha Lakhiani,

In a world where personal growth and self-development have become increasingly important, e-learning platforms have emerged as powerful tools to guide individuals on their journeys of self-discovery. Mindvalley, an innovative e-learning platform, stands out as a leader in the self-development niche, offering opportunities for students and budding coaches alike.

Recently, Ramon Ray had the opportunity to interview Marisha Lakhiani, the Chief Growth Officer at Mindvalley, to gain deeper insights into the platform’s mission, its unique approach to e-learning, its focus on putting people first withing the company, and its impact on individuals worldwide. Here are some of the key takeaways and insights from the interview.

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What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley defines itself as a life transformation platform, focusing on teaching individuals what traditional universities may have overlooked. With an expansive curriculum covering diverse areas such as leadership, parenting, business growth, and making a lasting impact, Mindvalley aims to empower individuals to succeed in all aspects of their lives. The goal is creating “A better you, every day,” through short, daily lessons that add up to lasting habits over time.

While the Mindvalley platform is accessible to everyone, its primary audience tends to be individuals aged 35 and above who believe they are destined for something greater. They may be people who want to build a business or develop better relationships, for example. Mindvalley encourages its users to focus on inward growth rather than outward appearances, encouraging holistic success in all areas of life, including relationships, personal branding, and more. With 198 outcomes taught across various domains, such as optimizing sleep, building muscle, and dealing with trauma, Mindvalley provides a comprehensive roadmap to achieving personal and professional growth.

About Mindvalley’s Certification Program

One standout feature of Mindvalley is its certification program, which allows individuals to become Mindvalley-certified in their chosen domain. For instance, if a user wants to focus on optimizing sleep, the platform helps the user dive deeper into the nuances of sleep deprivation and identifies potential reasons for a lack of sleep, such as a demanding job. 

The certification courses, which typically span from seven to 30 days, require only five to 10 minutes of daily commitment, making it easily integrable into users’ daily routines. By gamifying the experience, Mindvalley builds a habit over the course of 66 days, leveraging the power of consistency to foster long-term success. This approach has significantly boosted completion rates, with Mindvalley’s completion rate standing at an impressive 80%, far surpassing the industry average of approximately 13%.

The certification program caters to two primary types of audiences:

  1. The first group comprises individuals seeking to enhance their skills in a particular domain, such as improving their physique, without necessarily intending to become coaches. 
  2. The second group includes those who aspire to coach and positively impact others. 

Mindvalley’s certification division emerged organically as dedicated members expressed their desire for certification and coaching programs, having experienced profound personal transformation through the platform. To differentiate itself from other certification programs in the market, Mindvalley provides comprehensive support. Significantly, the certification process includes customer acquisition and even a coaching marketplace where certified individuals can be hired, further assisting them in growing their own businesses.

What It Takes to Be a Global Business

Mindvalley’s global presence adds another dimension to its operations. With staff located around the world, the company embraces the concept of a global organization. They prioritize performance training during the onboarding process and foster a culture of trust and freedom. 

The belief that personal growth translates into professional growth underpins Mindvalley’s practices, allowing employees the flexibility to attend yoga classes or attend to personal commitments. Emphasizing output rather than the number of hours spent at work, Mindvalley encourages a healthy work-life balance and believes in constantly raising the bar to ensure the team’s continuous improvement. By avoiding energy-draining activities like excessive presentations and favoring collaborative discussions, Mindvalley fosters innovation and agility within its team.

Words of Advice for Startups

When asked about advice for high-growth startups, Marisha emphasized the importance of gratitude and adaptability. In a culture that often glorifies constant busyness and overwhelm, practicing gratitude can go a long way in making employees feel seen and appreciated. Lakhiani suggests spending just two minutes each morning expressing gratitude for someone within the company.

Lakhiani suggests spending just two minutes each morning expressing gratitude for someone within the company.

Marisha Lakhiani, Mindvalley

She also encourages startups to regularly evaluate their practices to ensure their relevance and effectiveness, being willing to identify areas that need improvement, pivot when necessary, and scale their successes — rather than cling to outdated practices.

Final Thoughts

Mindvalley’s e-learning platform is transforming lives by offering individuals the tools they need to unlock their potential and achieve personal growth in all areas of life. By combining gamification, habit-building, and a supportive certification program, Mindvalley sets itself apart from traditional e-learning platforms. 

The company is also helping individuals with a passion for sharing their knowledge to become certified Mindvalley coaches. In addition to the current coaching certification, Mindvalley will be offering a level 2 certification that enables coaches to further their knowledge beyond the basic certification and become master coaches with the ability to work with high-end clients such as executives.

Furthermore, with a global team that thrives on trust, freedom, and a focus on personal growth, Mindvalley continues to redefine the concept of workplace culture. By prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of its employees, the company creates an environment where individuals are motivated to excel and love what they do every day. Mindvalley’s philosophy of treating people well and fostering continuous growth serves as an inspiration for businesses across industries.

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