How Unhappy Are You?- 5 Habits of Unhappy People.

How unhappy are you? Did you pause to check if you are down in the first place? Identifying the habits of unhappy people can help you identify the traits to avoid. Avoiding these habits, in turn, improves your quality of life.

Ever heard of the words “Happiness is a choice”? The truth is that we still have a role to play in how happy or unhappy we are. 

According to Epictetus, “It isn’t events themselves that disturb people, but only their judgments about them.” Likewise, our thoughts about life situations can influence how happy we are.

Five Habits of Unhappy people

Knowing the source of a problem is the first step to solving it. In other words, you can identify the practices that make you unhappy. Below are five habits of unhappy people:

1. They have pessimistic thoughts

Pessimism is one of the dangerous habits of unhappy people. It keeps them from moving forward.

It is essential to set realistic goals and time frames. Also, this doesn’t mean thoroughly thinking of ways a plan could go wrong. 

If you constantly think, “What if things go wrong?” Or “I knew the plan would fall through” Then, you are in for experiencing more failed plans.

Most unhappy people think of how things could go wrong. Consequently, they end up not trying or growing. These, in turn, make them sad.

Try this instead “How can I make it work?”

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2. They worry all the time.

Overthinking, tension, and anxiety are characteristics of most unhappy persons. Do you find yourself thinking about past traumas and future events consistently? 

It makes you worry about the past you can’t change and the future you can’t control. You might end up skipping the present. Consequently, you will dwell on the things you missed later on.

3. They find it difficult to forgive

Most unhappy people find it difficult to empathize with themselves and others. Therefore, they find it difficult to forgive themselves and others. 

Not letting go prevents you from forgiving, moving on, and feeling better. When you forgive, you feel lighter inside out and happier.

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4. They Are Always The Victims In Their Stories

If the words “Why me?” Or “These things always happen to me alone.” Then you might be caught up in a web of unhappiness.

It’s hard to appreciate what you have when you expect bad things to happen. Do understand that good and bad situations are part of life. These experiences add color and meaning to our lives.

Being the victim prevents you from accepting your faults and working on them. It takes away your peace. Which, in turn, prevents you from growing as a person.
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5. They compare themselves with others.

One of the beauties of life is that everyone gets to grow at their pace. We rise from our mistakes and experiences.

Try not to compare yourself with someone who has a different background. This is because that person has a different lifestyle, motivation, and experience from you.

For instance, someone who grew up baking will get the techniques faster and better. Be open-minded to learn from that person. Instead of comparing yourself with that person, celebrate your wins when you get it right. 

You can check out 7 Habits of Unhappy People and solutions at the positivity blog to learn more about these habits.

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