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Category: Money

buying a business

Buying Your First Business. 5 Things To Consider.

I’ve sold three businesses and started 5. Small Business Summit (an event business), (to ZenBusiness) and (to a fellow empire builder). It’s got me thinking, should I buy

Will Money Make You Happy? What New Research Says | Zone of Genius

Will Money Make You Happy? What New Research Says

Will money make you happy? We’re often told that it won’t. However, new research points out that higher income levels can indeed boost one’s well-being. You must’ve noticed that spending money on things or pursuits makes you happy, at least for a while. Nevertheless, how do you maximize the happiness gained from spending your money?

Financial habits

Healthy Financial Habits For 2022

Personal finance is a sensitive topic to discuss in public. Well, not anymore. It is now a major topic across social media and the news. You will come across doom