Why Getting Personal With Your Employees is A Good Thing

One of Scott Simons guiding principles to his team is to see them succeed in BUSINESS and in their PERSON LIFE. He asks each of them, what are your personal and professional goals. Scott knows that he can’t grow the Carter Myers Automotive CMA Valley Dealerships, within the CMA Group

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When Adversity Happens Do These 5 Things

It is usual to face some challenging times in your journey of establishing and growing your business. Sometimes things may not go as planned or you may face unexpected dilemmas that can pose a significant threat to your business. In such instances, how you handle the adversity can determine the

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Richard Rawlings Garage Monkey

8 Ways To Super Charge Your Networking

How does a car dealer from Virginia consistently sell the most vehicles and network with some of the world’s most famous celebrities? Scott Simons is an owner of Carter Myers Automotive Dealer in Virginia. This 100-year-old company, led by Liza Myers, consistently serves its customers in Virginia and around the

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Car Dealer

How To Develop Relationships Not Transactions

Relationships are important. What’s more important is how we nurture the relationship. All relationships are not the same, so, of course, every relationship won’t get the same attention. Your relationship with the cashier at the local supermarket will be different from that with your golfing buddy or your wife. More

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