3 Ways To Know Your Virtual Assistant Is Amazing

woman at computer
woman at computer

Over the past 20 or so years I’ve hired about 100 virtual assistants (or freelancers), or more. I’ve used these amazing professionals to build several brands, which include, and today, I’ve found that there’s a few key traits in hiring the right freelancer and in really knowing if they’re the one that’s for you.

BTW, I’ve used UpWork to hire my freelancers. Other marketplaces for talent include – WorkBetterNow and Belay

Most people call “freelancers”, virtual assistants. I think the word virtual assistant is an outdated word and I prefer more precise naming.

Are they an executive assistant and helping me with my calendar, email and admin tasks. Or are they working and skilled in something particular like Facebook ads, social media or graphic design? I call all of these professionals a freelancer.

Is Your Virtual Assistant Excited and Passionate About What You’re Doing

If the virtual assistant is as excited about YOU and what you’re doing as you are, then you’ve found the right one. If the person you’re hiring is just doing it to have a JOB, is just doing it as they’re in-between the “real gigs” they want to do, then they’re not the right person for you. Yes, they can do the work. But someone who’s excited about what they’re doing for you and with you, will perform better.

Passion is a crucial ingredient for doing excellent work for several reasons:

  1. Motivation: Passion fuels motivation. It gives you a reason to keep learning and striving to do better. It keeps you hooked on your work, even during tough times.
  2. Resilience: When you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to persist in the face of obstacles or setbacks. You’re driven to overcome challenges because you care deeply about the end result.
  3. Creativity: Passion can also ignite your creativity. When you love what you do, you’re constantly looking for new ways to approach tasks or solve problems. This innovative thinking can lead to more effective and efficient solutions.
  4. Quality Work: When you’re passionate, you pay attention to details that others might overlook. This can result in higher quality work that sets you apart from others.
  5. Enjoyment: Finally, passion makes work more enjoyable. It’s rewarding to spend time on something you love, which can make your tasks feel less like work and more like a fulfilling part of your life.

Being passionate isn’t just about being enthusiastic or loving what you do. It’s about being committed to what you’re doing and putting your heart and soul into it. It’s about pushing through the hard times and coming out stronger on the other side. In conclusion, passion is the driving force behind success and excellence. Without it, work is just work. With it, work can be a fulfilling and meaningful part of your life.

Does the Freelancer Proactively Give You Feedback in How to Do Something Better

I recently hired a Facebook advertising consultant to help run Facebook ads for our Celebrity CEO personal branding program. Not only does he want to see me succeed but he’s always giving me tips and input in how we can do better. I’ll create a landing page and he’ll chime in with how to improve it and make it better.

You want your virtual assistant to not just do the work. But they should also give constructive feedback as well.

I don’t want to hire someone who’s just “putting in the hours”.

I want to hire someone who is proactive in how to improve.

Giving feedback, proactive feedback shows that they care.

Ramon Ray, publisher,

Do They Ask a Lot of Smart Questions?

A freelancer who asks a lot of great questions, indicates that they’re interested in what they’re doing. It shows they’re thoughtful about saying yes (or not), before they decide to work with you. And asking thoughtful questions throughout the engagement shows their interest as well.

Questions could include getting more clarity in what you want them to do. They could ask what your future vision is for the project. They might ask what your metrics of success are.

Are They Willing to Learn

Some of the best freelance hires I’ve made, have been professionals who want to learn.

At times I’ve hired someone who might not have been the MOST skilled. But over time they learned and got better and better.

Even those who were very skilled, they still had to learn MY STYLE of work.

In Conclusion

So, when you’re looking to hire a freelance, after the first few days ask yourself:

  • Have they been willing to learn
  • Did they ask smart questions
  • Are they excited about what you’re doing

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