Zoho Updates AI and Workflow Capabilities

The way that growing businesses will leverage AI is with the help of the core brands they use to run their businesses. Zoho is one of the leading brand business owners rely on to run and manage the growth and day to day operations of their businesses. Large businesses can invest resources to use AI in various aspects of their businesses. Smaller companies are not able to. They rely on providers of their email marketing, sales software, inventory solutions and etc to help them.

Zoho, which has a suite of over 40 applications for small businesses, today announced new improvements to several of its products.

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While Chat GPT, Claud AI and other tools are growing in popularity, it’s using AI in core businesses solutions that are also important.

Today Zoho announced it’s making updates to leverage AI even more to better serve its customers.

Zoho is announcing new capabilities within four core collaboration tools—Zoho Projects, Notebook for Business, WorkDrive, and Sign—that address the areas of AI, workflow management, and industry customization. These developments aid businesses by driving seamless, contextual data flow, improving productivity through automation, and reducing customization needs via industry-specific capabilities.

“Companies today are working on multiple devices and networks, in and out of the office, in varying time zones, making collaboration extremely difficult and time-consuming to manage,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist. “We’ve developed a tightly integrated set of collaboration management tools on top of which we’ve added powerful, platform layer services like AI and process automation—all in an effort to lessen the burden for businesses and anticipate changes in the market. We endeavor to handle the technology, security, privacy, intelligence, customization, and automation pieces of this evolving global work paradigm, so businesses can focus on getting more done.”

In addition to more robust AI features and enhanced workflow, Zoho is also adding value in vertical industries. Namely – healthcare, construction, manufacturing and aviation.

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