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If you’re looking to build your brand, get more visibility, build your credibility, expand your thought leadership and make the world a better place, we’d love to have you consider writing for

We’re looking for practical insights to help people live their best life.

This includes mindset, personal development, fitness, health, personal finance, careers, entrepreneurship, starting a business, growing a business and more.

As a contributor, you will get a profile on, we’ll amplify you and your brand across our email and social channels and overall feature you as a contributor.

Writing Guidelines

  • Original content – your content must NOT be a copy and paste from another website (even your own) it must be unique to
  • The content can be based on previously written, the ideas might not be unique but the article itself is fresh and new.
  • Why? We want to give our audience, fresh content AND also we don’t want to get dinged by Google or other search engines for having duplicate content.
  • Your content should be very easy to read, clear and made for a 9th grader to easily understand.

8 Key Tips for a Blog Post

  1. Good headline (we’ll help with this and adjust if needed)
  2. Sub-Headers inside the article (just like this page). Not an article with 10 paragraphs going on and on. Nope we want your article to be broken up into clear sub-headings
  3. Bullet points – are not a must, be a nice way to enable people to more easily read your article
  4. Short sentences and short paragraphs. No long sentences and no long paragraphs. We’d rather have 3 paragraphs with 3 sentences each, than one paragraph with 9 long sentences.
  5. Open the article with a summary of what the article will cover and why it’s important.
  6. End the article with a summary of the key points.
  7. Word count – 600 – 1000 or more words is great
  8. MUST be original content – based off of previous work is fine – but not like a copy and paste from something already online! Google will penalize us and you!

TIP: We use YOAST (an SEO service) to help us publish the best written content. Yoast uses the “flesch reading score” to rate each article. Your article should be EASY TO READ.

Want to write for us? Just contact us and let us know!

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