Can Your Work Be Your Hobby? This Chicago Entrepreneur Says Yes.


I was listing to serial entrepreneur Jay Goltz, chat with Loren Feldman, publisher of the 21 Hats Podcast about Loren’s hobbies. Jay said his main hobby is his business. I identified with him, a lot. My joy is my business. I love starting new businesses, seeing what works and what doesn’t work. At times I do have to remind myself that I’m in business so I can LIVE a better life and spend time with my family, friends and help others. I do love what I do.

So, what about you, is it ok to have your hobby be your business. Does everyone have to go fly-fishing, skiing or read a book?

There is a common saying that life is too short to do anything that you don’t enjoy doing. This is true, especially when it comes to your career and work life. There are several benefits of pursuing what you love for a living, and the most exciting of them is the possibility that your work could be your hobby. In this blog post, we will explore whether your work can be your hobby and how it could bring fulfillment and an improved work-life balance.

Yes, your work can be your hobby

When people say, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” they mean that it is possible to find a fulfilling career doing something you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in; if you love what you do, the chances are that you won’t feel like you’re working at all. Your day job could be your hobby, and it could make your work-life balance much easier to manage because you’re spending your time doing what you love.

Do what you enjoy doing

So much of our time is spent working that it’s crucial to make that time enjoyable. It’s essential to choose a career that brings meaning to your life. When you are interested in what you’re doing, you’re less likely to burn out, and you tend to be more productive. When you do something you enjoy, it’s easier to invest more time in improving your knowledge and skills in that area.

Prioritize what’s important to you

It’s crucial to identify what’s important to you in your work and life and then make decisions that prioritize those things. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are that you started your business because it makes you happy. It’s essential to keep that joy in your work by focusing on the things that matter and finding ways to delegate less important tasks or activities that don’t bring you joy.

Your family and health should be important to you

While it’s vital to find joy in your work, it’s equally essential to ensure that your work doesn’t take away from your personal life or physical and mental health. When you’re happy at work, you’re more likely to be happy at home with those who matter to you. It’s crucial to prioritize your health, take breaks, prioritize spending time with loved ones, and find ways to avoid burnout.

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You do your work to live a fulfilled life

At the end of the day, the role of work, whether as a hobby or not, is to help you live a fulfilled life. You have to enjoy what you do, and it should bring value and meaning to your life. You cannot live a happy and fulfilled life if all your time is spent on work. It’s imperative to find the balance.

It is possible to have a career that feels like a hobby. Doing what you love can bring you joy, fulfillment, and make your work-life balance much easier to maintain. It’s essential to prioritize what matters and avoid burnout while finding the balance between work and personal life. Doing so will help you live a happier, more fulfilled life while enjoying what you do for a living. So, identify what you love, focus on it, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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