Why Creating Work Worth Doing Will Never Go Out of Business – Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s latest book, The Song of Significance is the book we need TODAY. It’s a powerful manifesto that reminds us of the need to create work that matters, for leaders to treat employees as humans (and not resources). It’s a call to arms to stop racing to the bottom of cheaper and faster and instead work on being better.

Building a successful business isn’t just about making money or achieving business goals. It’s also about creating a company culture that promotes human connections and encourages employees to do meaningful work. It’s about building a team that is valued and motivated to contribute to the company’s growth and success. Seth Godin’s latest book, “The Song of Significance,” emphasizes the challenges of industrial capitalism and the importance of prioritizing humans in business.

What’s the significance of valuing human connections in your business and why it’s essential to invest in building a team that flourishes and does work that matters?

AI and Chat GPT Can’t Stop This

Many are worried or concerned about the power of AI. Others are excited about how to use it. When you build a business that’s focused on treating humans as humans, you’re building a business that’s built to last. We should leverage the power of technology for sure. Employees and freelancers should learn how to use these tools to their advantage. But do know, only a few companies can be giants and squeeze every dollar from their “human resources”. The rest of us can build companies that are highly-profitable, creating products and services we truly want to create and that treat humans as humans.

Scaling Up

Many businesses promote the idea of “scaling up” and achieving success by becoming large corporations. However, this is not the reality for most small business owners. Building a successful business that prioritizes human connections can be achieved regardless of size. It starts with hiring the right people who share the same values and vision for your company. You want your team to be motivated and passionate about the work they do. You want them to feel valued and connected to the work they’re doing.

Company Culture

Creating a great company culture is key to building a team that flourishes. Your company culture should be built on the principles of trust, respect, and transparency. It starts with leadership that is committed to creating a culture that promotes employee well-being and growth. When you invest in your team in this way, it fosters a sense of belonging that motivates and inspires them to put in their best effort.

Work that Matters

Doing work that matters is another important aspect of valuing human connections in your business. When your team is working on a project that has a meaningful impact, it creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It drives innovation and motivates your team to go above and beyond to achieve success. Ensure that your business model aligns with your values and that the work you’re doing is meaningful and has a positive impact on the world.

Real Skills

Learning real skills that promote self-control, productivity, wisdom, perception, and influence is crucial to building a team that flourishes. These skills are vital to not only the success of your business but also to the personal growth and development of your employees. By investing in training and development programs that promote these skills, you’re empowering your team to excel both professionally and personally. Five real skills that Seth writes about include: Self-control, productivity, wisdom, perception, influence.


Valuing human connections in your business isn’t just about creating a positive work environment. It’s about investing in your team and creating a culture that promotes growth, well-being, and fulfillment. When you prioritize human connections in your business, you’re creating a team that is motivated, inspired, and committed to achieving success. As Seth Godin points out, industrial capitalism has its challenges, but by putting humans first, you can build a business that not only achieves success but also makes a positive impact on the world. So, start today by investing in building a team that flourishes!

If you want to create work that matters and embrace your team into a company that is built to last – The Song of Significance is the manifesto you must read.

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