Unleashing the Best You’ve Ever Been

One thing that every breathing individual in the world can count on with each new year is the coming of another age. Some will bring out the big decorative balloons, the crystal glasses to toast, and an array of smiling friends to join them. Others will go into a temporary cocoon, throw the covers over their face, and patiently await until that day has passed. 

If you feel any bit of anxiety as the numbers you are so blessed to be on this earth increase, this article is for you. Take a moment and pause with peace. Breathe in this statement with a confident knowing…You have the “Ability to Unleash the Best You’ve Ever Been.”  To achieve the best energy you’ve ever felt, to be in the best shape of your life, and to have a continually winning wellness mindset!!  

Outline: Steps You Can Take To Unleash Your Best Self | Step #1, Step #2, Step #3 | Final Thoughts

Steps You Can Take To Unleash Your Best Self 

A new birthday is an opportunity to unleash more of your power. Now that’s a reason to celebrate! The question therein lies… How do I unleash the best I’ve ever been?  Here are a few steps:

Step #1 – Embrace Truth & Vulnerability 

We’ve all heard the adage that says, “you can’t help what you don’t acknowledge.” The first step to unleashing power is to walk in truth and vulnerability. You cannot free the blockage that you cannot see. 

Take a moment & grab a full-length mirror. Take a hard look at every bag under the eye, red eyes from zapped energy, every roll of the skin, bulging love handle, or wrinkle that holds a frown. I want you to link each to something you feel has been holding you back in life. 

Maybe it’s procrastination, feeling unworthy, a divorce, mediocrity, bankruptcy, or simply putting yourself on the back burner. Many of these have snatched the focus on health and wellness as a priority. It’s OK. It’s important to admit and recognize the struggle before moving to your freedom. 

#2 – Create Space 

Take inventory of your day.  We all have “energy snatchers.”  Maybe it’s an unexpected leisure phone call that goes longer than expected, that bottomless bowl of chips with the salsa on the side at your favorite taco spot, or those two donuts you ate in the afternoon that caused you to crash and not want to go to the gym in the evening.  

Enough of these robbers happening during the week, and you can say goodbye to getting in the best shape of your life.  Therefore, grab a pen and list all your energy snatchers from the previous week.  Put a star in front of each one that was in your control.  What many will find alarming is that they are criminals to their health.  

We all hold the key to releasing the handcuffs keeping us stagnant and using the power in our hands to perform the tasks to create more energy. 

#3 – Be Intentional 

Once space has been cleared, it’s crucial to fill the empty spots with intentional actions. I often say that you have to be intentional to be dimensional. It’s important to become deliberate about creating healthy deposits within your glorious day. For example, do you have an eating schedule, or is it all over the place? Your body is like a fine machine, and it’s essential to do your best to eat your meals at the same time daily.  A daily eating rhythm and schedule for proper fueling will create optimal operation. 

Secondly, is hydration scheduled, or is it all over the place? Many people drink once they are thirsty. When thirst happens, Dehydration is likely to have already occurred.  Remember, water first before thirst. 

Nutrition is paramount, but Fitness is as well. Scheduling working out is huge and should be done with a pencil, not a pen. Why? If your scheduled workout gets canceled by a kid’s event or unscheduled business meeting, it’s important to pivot and re-insert, making an energy deposit back into your day! Therefore, fitness must flow with your day; if it’s erased, pencil it back in. 

Final Thoughts

There are many things we can’t control in the world, but we do have the power to UNLEASH the best we’ve ever been! It takes vulnerability, creating space, and being intentional. Let each new year approach with the confident expectation that this will be your best you and your best year yet!

Tanjie Brewer is the founder and CEO of Stylish and Fit. Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem/personal development that will last a lifetime. She is a certified personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, certified nutritionist, speaker, author, & wardrobe stylist. Her unrelenting passion for seeing others increase their vitality and command the stage has transformed women’s and men’s lives globally.  In 2012, the Oklahoma State Legislature presented her a citation of appreciation from Senator Jabar Shumate, acknowledging how she has “improved the Greater Tulsa community and empowered those around her to grow in knowledge about health and fitness for a better quality of life”. Now residing in the Chicago area, she is excited to expand her reach and continue changing lives.

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