Pay for A Slide Creation App or Just Use Power Point? slides slides

For the last several years I’ve been using Beautiful to create slides for my many presentations. It’s a powerful app that has built in intuition to create great slides. When you resize an image, the nearby text changes as well. When you make one of your headers bigger (or smaller) images on the slides are appropriately sized as well. In summary Beautiful does create really, really, beautiful slides.

However, I recently got my annual invoice for Beautiful and it got me thinking, is it worth it?

I’m on the Pro, annual, plan and pay $144 a year. It’s not a lot of money but when combined with all the other annual and monthly bills I get, it adds up. An app for AI graphics, an app for design (Canva) and app for money management, an app for landing pages (LeadPages), an app for travel (TripIt) and more. The costs add up.

Recently, I was using Microsoft PowerPoint for a project. I hadn’t used it in a while. I missed it. It’s built into my computer, I didn’t have to use it “online”, like we do when we use an “app”. Then I started thinking about the fees. With Microsoft PowerPoint, there’s no annual fee. I paid for it once and can use it forever, with no added fees.

Here’s why I’ve decided to keep Beautiful.

  • It does a GREAT job of helping you create really good looking, and simple slides
  • The built in stock images are pretty good, although at times I find myself going to Canva Pro and using its stock images.
  • I like that it’s online. If need be, I can more easily have a team member edit my slides
  • Color editing in Beautiful is also really nice. You’re forced to have unified design and keep the slides looking good. As you change a color in one area, the entire slide changes to match the right colors.
  • Beautiful‘s layout options are nice to. When you want to add bullet points or other elements it’s very easy to do so.
  • The templates provided are really good. There’s templates for images, bullet points, header slides, charts and more.

I know the monthly or annual fees of the apps we use can add app. Regularly you should consider, “do you need this app”.

Since I’m a professional speaker and use slides a lot, I’ve decided that this is an INVESTMENT that’s important for my business.

Microsoft PowerPoint can work for some things. However to quickly create beautiful slides, why not use Beautiful?

Looking for some other options for slides:

Zoho Show | Google Slides | Canva

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