The Problem With Tomorrow – Stop Procrastinating Today

Outline: Truth About Pushing Things to Tomorrow | How to Stop Moving Things | Positive Self-validation | Find Your Path | Problem With Tomorrow | No Tomorrow | What Ifs | Final Thoughts

Let’s discuss the problem with waiting for tomorrow to say what you should have said today.

There are very few times in this world when you know what’s going to happen next. We make the best-laid plans, and the universe shows up, laughs, and says hold my beer, watch this. 

Most of the time, the hold my beer moment isn’t as bad as our worst fears. But things do go sideways sometimes, and there’s very little you can do to stop it once momentum has shifted away.  

Have you waited until tomorrow? Because ultimately, there is no tomorrow promised. Ask any dinosaur about the day after the comet, and they will tell you nothing because they all died. Yet, we easily give up happiness and fulfillment today for the chance of a future we are unsure of. 

The Truth About Pushing Things To “Tomorrow”

Lately, it’s become a lie we tell ourselves when we don’t want to face hard things.  We constantly say things like:

  • I will start my diet tomorrow, and I will work out tomorrow
  • I will create my content calendar tomorrow.  
  • I will go to my kid’s soccer game next time.  
  • I will go to a financial planner in January
  • I will tell the people in my life how much they mean to me tomorrow. 

The truth is that we know what we need to do and the things we need to say. Likewise, we also know the who, what, how, and why.  But a lot of us don’t act. Instead, we wait for another reason to waste another day not living in alignment with how we truly feel and want our lives to be – that’s the problem with tomorrow. But a funny thing happens when you wait for tomorrow.  It becomes a habit you can’t break. 

How Can We Stop Moving Things To Tomorrow?

Human hand filling in the last missing puzzle piece -with the words "today" and "tomorrow" written on the piece

How do we stop putting off hard things? How do we stop waiting until tomorrow? And why do we wait so long to fulfill our potential and destiny because we don’t want to be too rash?

The short answer is I don’t know.  I don’t know why seemingly rational people faced with a life of the mundane choose that over a life of bliss.  We constantly stay in jobs that we don’t want and jobs that don’t fulfill us because it’s better to be “realistic.”  

We end up saying, “I get good healthcare benefits, so I’ll stay in my job.” Or, “I have always done these things this way in my business, and it’s just fine the way it is.” We find ourselves walking away from a purposeful life.

Start With a Positive Self-validation

The truth is that we know what we want in this world,  we know where it is, and we know how to get it.  But few of us, myself included, are willing to go there.  We are so close to what we want all the time. We ask for it, but we are always asking the wrong person, we always ask the boss, we always ask the government,  and we always ask the prettiest girl in the world to validate us.  

The only validation and permission we need to step up to the next level and pursue greatness are ourselves. And the only place we can find ourselves is not in the present moment. It’s not about what feels good. It’s about what’s in alignment with who you are and who you want to be.

Take Steps To Find Your Path (Don’t Settle)

When we find our breath in the present moment, we can hear the noise beneath the noise.  We hear the strings of hearts and feel the stretch of our lungs. When this happens, we can close in on the moment of singularity that says, “I am much more than this existence that I have settled for, and at this moment, I am willing to step Into a new direction.”  

A new direction where greatness is in that moment because the direction you are walking in is one of your choosing and not of your settling. 

Greatness, in my estimation, is more than anything else, living in flow. Things are easier, and conversations can happen. More importantly, you can do the hard things and make them look easy.  Why on earth wouldn’t we want that flow state, where we all become gods and ascend Olympus to sit on thrones and have the world bring itself to us instead of constantly chasing everything?

The Problem With Procrastinating

1. There Could Be No Tomorrow

The problem with waiting until tomorrow is simple.  There could be greatness there, but you will never know because tomorrow doesn’t really exist. 

You are no better than a T-rex in the Yucatan peninsula 60 million years ago.  One minute, you’re eating brontosaurus burgers the next, you can’t see the sun, or you’re freezing to death.

This segment feels dark to me, and I didn’t like the vibe I had written it in.  

2. We Embrace the World of “What Ifs?”

But if you are waiting to tell someone something or take action, my question for you is simply why?  

Sometimes we think that people already know the things we haven’t voiced. And if they don’t, the “what if” becomes the biggest variable ever.  We end up saying things like:

  • What if I never see this person again because I didn’t let them know I was interested in their deal, business offering, coaching course, whatever.  
  • What if they leave because instead of telling them how much I admire them, I make them feel unloved and unwanted?  
  • What if I could be happy… I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow.

Final Thoughts

To avoid redundant messages, professional speakers talk about procrastination or the problem with tomorrow using different ways. And the central fact in anything topic covered in Breakfast with Champions requires one thing, “action.”  Take action today because tomorrow could never come.

Shawn Shapiro

Dr. Shawn Shapiro is a Chiropractor with a great interest in improving patients’ quality of life. He earned his bachelor’s degrees in human biology and psychology. Afterward, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri. Dr. Shawn Shapiro has used chiropractic care to empower people and restore them to health again.

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