How to Make Money With Your Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to build your business. You can use them to build your brand and drive leads to your business. You can use them to build relationships with future partners or customers, by having them on your podcast.

A friend asked me how he can make money with us podcast, and here’s what I told him.


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Think Beyond Listener Numbers

You don’t need a massive audience to profit from podcasting. Most successful podcasters leverage their show to build relationships and generate business opportunities. Having said this, the larger the audience you have, the better you can make money from your podcast via more traditional advertising.

Use Your Podcast as a Brand-Building Tool

Your podcast can serve as a powerful platform to establish your brand and attract potential leads. During your podcast be sure to have a lead magnet which directs the listener to sign up for your email list, a product demo or some other action towards a sale.

Join a Podcast Network

Partnering with a podcast network can help you secure advertising deals. These networks have established relationships with advertisers and can sell ad space on your behalf.

Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Promote products or services using unique affiliate links. Direct your listeners to these links during your show to earn commissions on sales.

Build Relationships with Potential Sponsors

Interview industry leaders from brands you’d like to sponsor your show. This approach helps forge valuable connections.

Tips for Success:

  • Connect with PR or marketing representatives, not CEOs.
  • Start with PR contacts and work your way up to lead marketing personnel.
  • Cultivate relationships before pitching sponsorship opportunities.

Reach Out Directly to Marketing Decision-Makers

Target lead generation, digital marketing, and content marketing professionals at potential sponsor companies. Use platforms like LinkedIn for outreach. This method often proves the most challenging and time-consuming. Patience and persistence are key.

Final Thoughts

Monetizing your podcast requires creativity and strategic relationship-building. Focus on providing value to your audience and potential partners. With time and effort, you can turn your podcast into a profitable venture.

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